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    One of my favorite things about Remedy games is the attention to detail. What are the details that you have found that could be missed?

    Here are mine:


    Act 1 Part 2 - When Jack and William are escaping under the lab, you can hear gunfire and shouting coming from the lab above. This is the Monarch soldiers fighting Jack from Act 5 who has come back in time.

    Act 1 Part 2 - When Jack and William are just about to get on the elevator in the lobby, if you approach the window on the right, a triggered event will occur where a Monarch Truck drives through the parking lot and down the ramp into the underground parking. This is the exact event that Jack rewinds in Act 5 when he has to get access to the underground parking.

    Act 1 Part 2 - When Jack and William leave the elevator when the stutter hits, if you look at the observatory above you will see Martin Hatch watching over you (ala the G-Man from Half-Life). He will immediately vanish if you turn away.

    Act 2 Part 1 - At the start of the act, after you leave the warehouse and the stutter ends, if you wait around and position Jack near the wall you will hear the entire dialogue spoken between Liam Burke and Beth from the show.

    Act 2 Part 3 - When Jack, Beth and Amy/Nick enter the swimming hall there is a cans of paint spilled on the bottom of the stairs leading from the main entrance. Nick and Amy investigate these paint cans. If you wait for a moment, you will be able to interact with them. Nick will comment that he believes there is some conspiracy or something, while Amy will comment that the paint is fresh and still wet. If this interaction occurs, in the final act of the game. When William and Jack burst down the door in the swimming hall and spill the paint, you will be able to interact with the paint cans. Jack will comment on how creepy it is that everything is lining up so correctly.

    Act 3 Part 1 - If you fire at the monarch soldiers in the elevator going down to the labs, when you reach the upper level one Monarch Solider will be attending another injured one and will say a few words. If Jack doesn't fire any shots in the elevator, the solider is never injured and these guards are not there.

    Act 5 Part 2 - This isn't exactly hidden but a lot of people seem to miss this one. When Jack and William are passing through area where Jack first learned his ability to Time Dash, if you use your time vision you can see an echo of this moment occuring

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    You caught a few things even I missed!.


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      Martin Hatch really is the G-Man. If you turn around immediately, you can meet him in the very beginning of the game and talk to him. If you look somewhere else, he is vanished and Jack even comments on it.

      Well, Half-Life 3 is pretty much confirmed now. I wish it was Alan Wake 2 though.
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        I missed some of these too! Nice catch, Napper! I have to keep an eye out for them next time I play.

        I caught Hatch's subtle disappearing antics, not on my first playthrough but accidentally on my second. That was incredibly creepy to see and a really nice detail. Hatch is pretty intimidating but a very cool character.
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          Lance Reddick pretty much nailed it. Best performance of all actors in the whole game, if you ask me.
          I've put the Imagination in its Place.


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            I tweeted Lance Reddick once that he did not look threatened to me. He retweeted me. What a nice guy.