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Quick Story Question (SPOILERS)?

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  • Quick Story Question (SPOILERS)?

    Is it implied that Jack never told Clarice Ogawa (the interviewer) that William is alive? Jack says William is dead to her, but he never states he was successful in saving him. I was always under the impression that Jack felt he could go back to save Beth because he believes he saved his brother.

    Darn you Remedy for getting me hooked on this story!

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    I always assumed that Monarch knew Will was alive by the end of Jack's story but since Paul was dead and Martin was in charge now they were either fine with it or didn't care.


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      Yeah that's true. I remember Jacks audio log where he says something like "Do you know what my brother's last words were. 'Ill never stop trying'". Lesson learned". That being said I'm well aware Remedy couldn't have him talk about his brother being alive in the log without spoiling the entire narrative.

      I feel they missed a good opportunity when jack saved William. It would have been cool if the music was very somber and low key when jack is running to reach him. And if Jacks voice over said "It happened the same as it always had. I failed". Then suddenly you see he grabs William and the music shifts, and you realise he's been successful.