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  • Way too Easy

    So i just finished this game. All achievements on Steam version. It was way too easy with no challenge even on hard. I really didnt even see a difference on hard except maybe there were 1 or 2 enemies more. Maybe you had less energy or less heal time? I dunno. i couldnt tell. Even the final stage wasnt hard at all. Which i have seen people complain about.

    Your character is way too overpowered especially with infinite ammo from those back packs. You didnt even have to use your powers. I could just camp right by the ammo (except final stage) and have the enemies come to me. With the rifle (assault or carbine) equipped and some head shots later the stage is clear in no time. Even the guys that have all that armor that reverse time. All you have to do is run behind them, put up shield to slow time and hit them in the back. Easy to do when you didnt use your powers on any of the other enemies.

    They really should of done away with those back packs or made them deplete so you couldnt get so much out of them. Or just had more enemies that were harder to kill. Overall the gameplay and story was great but it was way too easy.

    Just supplying some feedback here and hope Remedy doesn't make this mistake again. Even though its over a year since the game released I finally just got around to playing it.
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    Well, games used to be way more difficult, but now they are not. It's not just Quantum Break, it's pretty much every big game, except Souls-likes.
    I 'member times when many games used to be as hard as, let's say, Dark Souls, and now everyone looses their mind because "OMG Dark Souls is soo difficult and edgy ohh i love it".

    Comparing QB to previous RMD games, I would agree that it is the easiest to beat. I remember that Alan Wake's Nightmare difficulty setting was more challenging than QB's Hard setting.

    Talking about the final boss, I don't think that he is very challenging because the boss itself is so overpowered, I think many people had a hard time with him is because the whole last fight was just flawed and not designed very well. His attacks were unfair and one-hit-kill mechanics, that is not what I consider a good boss-design.
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