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What Happened to Beth? Really? [SPOILERS]

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  • What Happened to Beth? Really? [SPOILERS]

    I will explain my point:

    Jack Joyce and Paul Serene became immediately "Chronon active" after the event with the time machine (Act 1).
    Beth was exposed with a large amount of Chronon Radiation before she was hit in the head (Act 4).
    After the shot, Jack was forcibly moved to 2016 by the amount of Chronon energy and we didn't know what happened to her.
    Paul after the shot probably ran away with the countermeasure in 2010 (Whe don´t know).
    Beth could easily have been healed by her new "active state" and immense Chronon Radiation that stayed in that place (Ground zero).

    Beth Wilder is alive and she's hidden from anyone or she's a shifter now...

    What do you think about this subject?

    Miss you Beth

    Time is the greatest killer

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    the only one who can answer this question is sam lake
    is Paul serene alive is Henry Kim gonna show, does Jack try save Beth


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      Just edited the thread title a little in case there's someone visiting who hasn't gotten that far yet. It's a really interesting topic, thanks for posting it, thalisman!

      Personally, I like to think that Beth is a Shifter now. During her "death" scene, like you said, she was faced with a great deal of chronon radiation; much more than Jack or Paul and they both were deeply affected by it. We know that once hit with enough chronon radiation, you begin to change into a Shifter; we've seen this happen to Dr Kim and to Serene. Now, it sounds that Kim was just feet away from it when he got given an overwhelming dose, and it's not exactly explained how short the transformation time was. It could have been instantly or it could be have been seconds. I'm fairly sure in saying that he didn't leave the room before the change though from the description of the event. Beth's exposure to the CFR was a lot closer to Dr Kim's encounter than Serene's. Distance, direct contact with the open valve and prior exposure will all be factors.

      We also know that Shifters can take physical form in unfrozen time as well because of Hatch, and depending on the choices you make, Hatch's "death" will either be a knife to the face or a bullet in the head. (If I remember correctly). So he was pretty certainly dead when he died. We also know that when Jack got there, there was no body, annnnnd then Hatch appeared later perfectly healthy. So seeing Beth getting hit doesn't mean that she can't turn up in a possible Quantum Break 2. Which I'm okay with! I do love Beth.

      If she is a Shifter, how do they get her back? How does Hatch do it? And does Jack actually break time (which we know will happen) in that rescue attempt? We know that Beth tried to track down young-Serene at the end of time and that Serene remembers her; is it just one Beth?

      I'm looking forward to reading what other members think about that scene too, I think about that level quite a bit.
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        Oh! much better thread title, thank you!


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          Anyone can provide theories, but i did not think anything happened to Beth. By the end, it becomes full circle with a twist. As the past Jack reunites with either tri-lead(Nick or Amy) he is also fighting Paul Serene. We see the closing credits, as far as the section of the timeline that is focused on and therefore important, to Beth as she looks back at a shadow Jack before taking Jack into custody. However, with the twist as Jack is now Director, he is on a quest to find her again. This is where i think of 'Control'.


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            I think she died, but, I also think Jack is gonna do everything in his power to save her from her fate.