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    OG xbox one also had an update of 39gb, the game looks a little more sharp, and there seems to be less reflections making the game look cleaner on an OG Xbox One. I wonder if remedy dialed back the reflections and put the base resolution to 900p instead of 720p.


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      Here are some comparisons on OG XBOX ONE

      I don't know the specifics of what Remedy has done for the OG Xbox one but if you look at the screenshot after the update you can notice cleaner but less detailed reflections on the left of the screen and more detailed floor and wall textures:

      Before the update:

      After the update:

      Reflections Before patch:

      Reflections after patch:

      Floor detail before patch:

      Floor detail after patch:


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        I got the model X console earlier in the week and finally unpacked it last night. Without any previous patches installed my initial patch was around 75GB (not including the dlc movies package). That is currently the new 4K patch record holder as Gears of War 4’s initial 4K patch was only around 65GB. Really happy I don’t have data caps right now...

        Side note in case you’re curious how the inital patches are comparing for other 4K enhanced games

        Final Fantasy XV - can’t remember for sure but I think it was in the mid 20GBs

        gears of war 4 - around 65GB

        playerunknown’s battlegrounds - 9.1GB total for entire game. (Updated)

        halo 5 - 57 GB

        titanfall 2 - 27 GB

        halo Wars 2 - 32 GB
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          I use this, that's nice