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  • [SPOILERS] Story Questions

    I finally got around to finishing the game. Thanks for another great story telling game. I love the live episodes, they added a lot of depth to the side characters.

    Some of questions I have for the story
    1. The story never explained how teleportation work with the time machine . If the core was moved, people can travel to where ever the core is installed at that moment in time.
    2. If events are fixed why do shifter even worry about starting end of time early?
    3. Why nobody used the time machine to travel to October 11th, 2016 to see if there was end of time?
    4. If Paul was so sure while in lifeboat Monarch could find the solution, couldn't the time machine take a person beyond end of time when time was fixed? This way they will know definitively how much chronon energy they need to store for the lifeboat
    5. Based on Will's Schrodinger failed experiment, couldn't I stayed put and exit out of machine without going to end of time?
    6. The time machine I exited out of at end of time was the first time machine Will's built and it's the same time machine Paul used to travel back in time, so why couldn't I just used the machine to travel back in time as soon I exited it?
    7. Since Paul and I ended on meeting up with each other in end of time, it seems to indicate that is the last stop. However, when we travel back in time it should be the same time I first arrive end of time.
    8. Shouldn't I or Jack known that I would be stuck in the past before it happened?
      1. I had to give myself the notebook in 1999
      2. I had multiple interaction with Will before 2010
      3. I drew all the graffiti in Riverport
    9. Couldn't I do same thing Paul did and created another Monarch? All I had to do was observe what stock Paul put in or better yet put money in Monarch.
    10. Between 2010-2016, why didn't Will build more countermeasure? Why didn't future Paul pay Will to build more? With more countermeasure they can build more lifeboat and even have a spare one for Will to do his experiment on fixing the time.
    11. Why didn't Monarch use countermeasure to create more ground zero in less populated area, so they have more places to harvest chronon energy?
    12. What made Paul / Monarch believe they can fix the end of time when they themselves could never build a time machine core or figure out how countermeasure fully works?
    13. Shouldn't Monarch top priority is to keep Will alive by locking him in the lifeboat? Will wouldn't have access to the countermeasure while in the lifeboat, he will either have to build another one or work with Monarch scientists to come up with solution.
    14. If Paul can perceive different junction doesn't that mean there are different time line path? Otherwise, Amy and Charlie death should occur in both events no matter which one we picked. I am assuming Dr Amaral is killed by shifter in the one of the time line.
    15. Will knows that events cannot be changed, fracture will occur, and Paul shot him, yet worked with younger Paul to build the time machine. If he had such a strong conviction to follow through with the time machine, then why did he show up with a gun to stop the time machine? Shouldn't he be charging in with a second countermeasure to fix the fracture rather than trying to prevent it?
    16. Since knowledge can be transfer from future to the past, Paul setting that example, couldn't Monarch send scientists in a continuous loop 2016 to 2010 to find solution to fracture? This is assuming they can only research time problem until ground zero occurs, otherwise just send scientists back 20 years, the estimated time lifeboat would discover end of time solution.
    17. What was Will original plan for getting his briefcase from his car? Travel through time at the swimming pool? He didn't have the countermeasure