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Finally i enjoy the game as i want

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  • Finally i enjoy the game as i want

    hello all
    Quantum Break is one of the best title i ever play , i got a new graphics card 1080 Ti and Quantum Break was one of the first game i try

    finally i could play the game on ultra setting with upscale off in 1080p with 60+ fps (70- 85) fps

    the game looks awesome but i really don't think the game need that demanding and these was a lot of room to improve performance
    the game take about 4.5Gb of Vram for all the talk was about this game and how much its demanding i though it will take + 6gb of vram !
    i know in the system requirement you said that but i didn't see the game get near 5gb

    and there a lot of cut scene the frame locked to 30 fps and even after it end for a while the game also still running on 30 fps

    i know that these issue won't fix by now, but i really hope we don't see these issue in Control and you work hard in your engine and do what ever you can to improve the game on pc