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  • Quantum B*tchin

    So, after all those threads complaining about how remedy is approaching QB development and release, it's time for something more positive.

    first note that i also have concerns of my own about this business decision of remedy, but it's not about my chances of playing the game itself, i'd rather never have to play this game and see remedy growing strong, than selfishly demand them to release the game on the platform of my own preference and have remedy going out of business, if they can make the game both ways and still be sucessful, now that's a win-win situation.

    people have been complaining, again and again and again about this particular subject, i think you know what i mean.
    but if you think about it , you'll note that this decision is not being made by remedy as if they just threw a dice and did whatever the dice result told them to do. i garantee you that this decision has been Thoroughly discussed by the company.

    there's always the possibility that they actually never had a choice, but if you are really a fan of remedy, you gotta learn to trust the company and it's decisions. they know what they're doing, there's plenty of talented people there, and they have all the tools necessary to make this game a HUGE SUCESS.

    note: sorry my terrible grammar, punctuation and misspelling, i hope you all understand what i meant with this thread, i don't mean to offend anyone with this, just to express my humble opinion on the subject.

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    Re: Quantum B*tchin

    We appreciate the vote of confidence. =)
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      Re: Quantum B*tchin

      I both appreciate and respect your post, good sir.

      Edit: Mikki and I posted at roughly the same time, with the same thought. WOW!


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        Re: Quantum B*tchin

        The game is going to be good. People maybe are angry because they are not making Alan Wake 2, for now.
        Alan Wake will be missed, Welcome Quantum Break
        Once you realize what a joke everything is, being the Comedian is the only thing that makes sense


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          Re: Quantum B*tchin

          And for whatever reason everyone is whining about the Xbox One itself. I'll never buy a console (as my main gaming machine) but why on earth does everyone persist on it going to suck big time compared to the PS4? Can't we all stop with the Coke is better than Pepsi or vice versa crap. Stuff like that doesn't need to be an OR story. It can be an AND story.

          Excellent post sir!

          PS: PC is better than either


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            Re: Quantum B*tchin

            The new xbox doesnt appeal to me, remedy however does
            I think i will buy quantum break day one in suport of one of my favourite developers, but im sad im not able to play it
            The way i see it: only remedy can convince me to get a new xbox(hinting at alan wake again)

            And to get back to quantum break, im very exited to see some gameplay


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              It's happening, can't believe it, thanks remedy and i guess thanks microsoft as well.