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Windows 10 version using temporal reconstruction, why?

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    Whether or not the code is shared between the XBO and PC versions, it sure seems like a major architectural shift to remove the upscaling from the PC other words, not a patch but a complete rewrite if they were to take it on...I just don't see that happening.


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      I don't see it happening too, they built the engine like this and it's gonna need serious long work of coding that they, i presume, don't want to lose for PC market. Either them or Microsoft (which hurt the PC gaming community for the third time since 01-01-16). We did get tomb raider issue & patch delay, then gears, now quantum break.

      Aaahhh.. i recall the word from Sam Lake wishing strongly he could give this game to the PC community, fulfilling the wish with a stab on the PC gamer's. I currently not really enjoy the game because performance & visual fidelity hurts the most. While the story looks okay so far.
      The audio balance (left/right channel) is coded poorly like if a sound is on your side, you'll hear it only only on the left or right channel... yeah for sure !

      Remedy should have refused to release the game on PC in such a low amount of time to work on it. Either you want to do it right, or you don't really care. Looks like you pick the wrong spirit here.
      That make me wish they never work on their old Max Payne franchise again which was, in its time, graphics breaking with the gameplay/story telling on the best too. Can't say the same for Quantum "Broken" graphics/audio port.

      Edit : By reading the article, found that Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege have this "temporal reconstruction" optional on PC. So maybe everything not lost, if remedy really wants to get the things right.
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        Originally posted by Paul-Hewson View Post

        Edit : By reading the article, found that Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege have this "temporal reconstruction" optional on PC. So maybe everything not lost, if remedy really wants to get the things right.
        I'll just comment on this part:

        Seems the ghosting issues are caused by the temporal reconstruction tech, which is baked into the engine and not something they can change.

        He also mentions that always-on fiilm grain is a stylistic choice because they wanted it to be "cinematic" (i sh*t you not good sir), so won't be togglable.

        Also this: states that the severe texture pop-in / short range lod's we see (and examples clearly given in DF's benchmark and comparison vids) are quirks of the engine they use - not something that can be fixed.

        In other words, many of the major gripes can't be fixed. PC users got shafted. Don't buy this trash.


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          OK, temporal reconstruction is bad but can't be fixed, fine. My first LCD was a non-RTC MVA, so I'm kinda used to that, even if that was 12 years ago.

          OK, film grain can't be fixed, fine; it's not that noticeable in 4K, unless you are looking at _static_ screenshots closely.

          Never noticed texture pop-ins myself, but I have the game on 950Pro and 32G RAM, so that might be helping.

          But if the UWP was the only thing preventing you from properly supporting SLI in the game, please reconsider and bring the support back; it is possible to have SLI - and in SFR, too - in UWP games:


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            I have notice texture popup even with an SSD and 16G RAM. It was clearly a glitch because the texture was switching between 3 LOD and when reach higher details will get back to medium, high, ultra again. Infinite loop.
            And it was on the first 10mins in-game.

            Only the 3D cutscene seems to ran fine without glitch.


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              Quantum Break was clearly a rushed port. That's why we're forced to use the temporal reconstruction. Microsoft was breathing down their necks with the launch so they couldn't afford to take time to remove it

              That's what I believe.