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Checkpoint skip on Windows 10 (spoilers?)

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  • Checkpoint skip on Windows 10 (spoilers?)

    When you go to the underground lab at the radar tower in act 3 and get to the chronon dampner through the other lab, to the left of the lab with the chronon dampner, the game will skip two checkpoints: the one at the chronon dampner and the one right before the juggernaut fight. When this happens, the game doesn't show the tip on how to defeat the juggernaut either. Going straight for the chronon dampner instead of exploring fixes the issue.
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    Thanks CatoNator for reporting and being active on these forums in general We'll look into this.


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      Yup, I play now the game and I can confirm the bug is still there, no checkpoint at the elevator, chronon damper, and before juggernaut fight. If you get killed you have to do all again. Only restarting the game helped in my case.