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Driver-enabled 16xAF+FXAA vs stock AA vs no AA

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  • Driver-enabled 16xAF+FXAA vs stock AA vs no AA

    ive seen it recommended to force 16xAF in the GPU control panel a couple times now & someone here recommended using FXAA & disabling the in-game AA (idea being 16xAF will sharpen the image quality, & the 'house' AA blurs or otherwise tarries it more than basic FXAA). to be honest I'm not sure if both of these settings are picked up in-game; I had been under the impression NVidia CP settings are useless w/ dx12. but out of curiousity I did a screenshot comparison & thought id share --

    ​from top to bottom, no AA, FXAA+16xAF, stock AA, stock AA + 16xAF

    ​NOTE: the scene isn't a static one (wind) so there are some lighting & object differences shot-to-shot. I also didn't quit & reset the game between screenshots, so that may be why the control panel settings don't seem to have any effect. all shots taken at 2560x1440p resolution, all settings @ high.

    ​what I especially notice (ingame AA on vs off): monarch building, the gate, the leaves in the lower right seem to have more density, almost like an SSAO effect.

    ​in short I don't recommend disabling in-game AA unless you need to for framerate purposes.

    ​if anyone can demonstrate NVidia CP settings working in-game though id appreciate it.