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Weird input lag / delay?

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  • Weird input lag / delay?

    All keys and mouse buttons are delayed, they then seem to stack and playback without my control?

    Please see the video if you would.

    I'm not sure whats causing this.

    This is the only game, of many, many games that has this issue.

    For example, I can run, start shooting the pistol, 5 shots, but after a small time of running or shooting, it seems to try remember what I wanted to do and then do it, without me even touching the pc..

    GPU: GeForce GTX 970
    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz
    Memory: 16.00 GB RAM (15.94 GB usable)
    Current resolution: 1920 x 1080, 60Hz
    Driver version: 364.72
    Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Insider Preview

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      no one know how to fix this?


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        guess i cant play the game i bought.


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          surprised the team from remedy wont even reply.


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            Your video is private. I cant even see it. You need to make the video public so that eveyone can see it and suggest you solutions if any.

            And Remedy doesnt believe in communicating with paid customers if you have a issue. I learned the hard way too after buying Quantum Break for PC. Any one who tweets something nice about the game in their twitter get's re-tweeted. Any problem or criticism, even valid and correct ones, they simply ignore you. A very hard lesson learned. I will now think a hundred times before buying a next remedy game. I understand that they didnt have much time to release a proper PC port, fine, but not even communicating back with paid customers for close to two weeks even when the problems are real is very poor. Even a statement that we are still working on a fix since their last statemnt should have been fine. But no that's too much apparently.


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              Registered to say that I have the same issue. Insider build 14332, keyboard inputs are extremely laggy and delayed. They also often get sticky where inputs stay stuck even though I've let go of the buttons.


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                So, to stop using insider builds might be the key then?


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                  Originally posted by HeinzHarald View Post
                  So, to stop using insider builds might be the key then?
                  Not a solution IMO, as the insider build code/updates will be rolled into public branch eventually, its just a sign of things to come.

                  Latest PC patch does not resolve the issue, hopefully microsoft can figure it out.


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                    Originally posted by Misfire View Post

                    Not a solution IMO, as the insider build code/updates will be rolled into public branch eventually, its just a sign of things to come.
                    I'm sorry but that's just not true most of the time. There's a reason Microsoft describes the previews as being in development, and recommends you only install them if you feel comfortable troubleshooting problems.



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                      not true most of time? why wouldn't the new updates come to public branch eventually? The new start menu, bash support and such is all planned, insider build before 10240 was not much different than public release... Just one example - The Xbox 360/One Xinput devices were bugged and caused computers to lock up and beep like crazy on public branch. Insider Build got a fix for it first which eventually went to public, same thing with the Xinput device lag... thats just one example. I'm not even sure if the xinput device lag patch is available for public yet but that update is coming soon either way.

                      Like you said, this forum is for troubleshooting so thats why we're reporting it, because it's still not fixed, so its helpful if they know about it before the new windows updates come out.
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                        I can confirm that - at least for me - the delay doesn't occur on official Win10 branch, but in the Insider Previews. I have both versions installed on the same PC, same hardware, same drivers etc.
                        I managed to reduce the lags by lowering the keyboard repetition rate in the old-school control center; the new one doesn't seem to have any keyboard settings so far or they are very well hidden. If you don't use classic shell or something like that you can easily access it by right-clicking on "This Computer" (or however you named it), select "properties" and in that window go back to basic control center in the address bar, top right select in "View" Large symbols, and then amongst many others you have a keyboard icon (for those who might not be used to Win 7 or so; sorry).. I'm from Germany, so I do not know exactly how these parts are labelled in English.
                        The Northlight Engine seems not to deal with the keyboard buffer in the right way; so if you press any move-key the buffer runs full and seems to be read from the game engine with some delay - at least in the Technical Previews, so it might be a Microsoft bug more than a Remedy bug (though other games do NOT have this issue, so at least it isn't Microsofts fault alone).
                        Well, that's one of the most fascinating things about the previews - how MS manages to spoil so many things which worked very fine before