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Please add support for 3840 x 2400 res till native res rendering is implemented

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  • Please add support for 3840 x 2400 res till native res rendering is implemented

    Hi Remedy

    Can you guys please add support for 3840x 2400 resolution in the game? That way I can atleast try to render the game properly without stretching the image vertically for people like me who have 16:10 monitors having native resolution of 2560 x 1600. However if your upcoming patch makes native resolution rendering possible, then please ignore this request as all I want to do is render the game in my monitor's native resolution 2560 x 1600.

    Thanks in advance


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    This sounds similar to the 21:9 thread, although 16:10 displays are probably more common. Since the game uses "720" 16:9 source for the "temporal reconstruction" upscaling, support for other aspect ratios won't happen until they either implement native rendering, or black borders to prevent the stretching.

    I haven't seen any indication that they are considering native rendering...that smells like a major engine change to me.


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      Why would they even make an engine that cant render in native resolution. I think that the PC version is so demanding that to stop perfomance hit, they have for now decided to upscale everything from lower resolution. This game is like the new Crysis of PC gaming. I think they should give the option of toggling on/off temporal upscaling and let the end user decide whether they want more performance or more eye candy. And I dont think programatically it is impossible, rather looks a straight forward change to me. Right now the program code is set to take the resolution as set by the user in the menu and use 2/3rd of that value for upscale rendering. All they have to do is make that back to 1 for native rendering should the user toggle that option in the settings menu.