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Requesting Remedy - Please make Native Rendering possible in PC

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  • Requesting Remedy - Please make Native Rendering possible in PC

    Hi I am fully aware that Thomas Puha said this in his twittter feed

    But I am requesting to Remedy please please give the users the option to choose what they want, if we want maximum quality by displaying the game at nomal resolution sacrificing some performance or we want to gain some fps by using temporal upscaling. Atleaset please give the us the users the option to decide it ourselves. I know if we render at normal resolution the performance hit will be high, I know with some many things going on in the screen like crash car reversing, Quantum Break is the new Crysis for PC. It is going to bring even the latest graphics cards to it's knees. But so be it. The good thing is cards with amlost twice the power is just round the corner - Pascal and Polaris. Once these cards hit the market, I am sure Quantum Break will be playable at very much playable fps even if native resolution rendering is enabled. But please atleast give the users the option. Just like you are giving the option to the end user whether to toggle on or off film grain. Please atleast give user the option to render a game at native resolution. Rendering a game at native resolution is not a extra ordinary request, it happens normally in other other PC games, atleast make it possible in this game. This is a game with wonderful story line, let make it better by giving the user at least the option to enjoy the game at full quality if they want.