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    running most settings at high, upscaling & film grain off @ 1080p, 30fps lock on. looks fantastic, & going back to the game with upscaling on now is wish it was like this at launch.

    i think id second the all-or-nothing AA as my one major complaint now. at 1080p without upscaling, dropping the MSAA to 2x, or just giving the option to use SMAA or even FXAA could be the difference between being able to run the game at native resolution (relatively) jaggy free & not. and its definitely worth it...tbh if that was my choice id disable AA entirely to run at 1080p.


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      Remedy please give us an option to turn off MSAA. I hate MSAA with a passion.


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        Originally posted by xpsycho87x View Post
        guys does this happen for you too? After playing for about 1 hour, game starts to stutter especially when tranisitioning in new areas... like 60-50 fps drops then back up to 60. Only way to fix this is a game restart. I also have a problem with the tv show, it runs at 30fps steady but sometimes it goes smooth while sometimes it starts to stutter. (Not a connection problem I think)
        ​Sounds like a memory related issue. This could be the windows 10 memory corruption issue for which an update is in the works or it might be the game having memory management issues.
        One other thing might be that your (system) memory isn't entirely reliable; a memtest would be able to rule out this cause. But my money is on the first two