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Video Episodes extremely choppy? Almost un-watchable.

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  • Video Episodes extremely choppy? Almost un-watchable.

    Just started playing quantum break and love the game. I just got to the first video episode and immediately noticed how choppy it was. Certain areas were smooth but the parts that were choppy were so bad I couldn't watch it. For example, here is the episode in youtube - - super smooth. It got choppy for me around 17:25. That's just one example, overall it was so choppy I decided to quit the game and watch it on youtube so I could enjoy it.

    I'm running a gtx 780 and the rest of my system meets requirements.

    So, I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there is any fix? Is the video downloaded locally or streamed? It seems to load extremely fast when I scrub the video. I have comcast 100 Mbps down 20 up so I don't think my internet should be an issue. Also, if I reload the same section it always stutters.

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    Same problem here. 30/3 Mbps, GTX960.
    BTW has someone figured out if the stream is really 4K regardless of resolution set in game?


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      I have the same issue with the episode. It is miserably choppy; worse than the game' rendering issues.


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        Same. I've put off playing for now thanks to so many releases this month that I'll be getting to distract me. I'm using a 980ti and my internet is comcast with a 90/12Mbps connection. Netflix is fine. I should have 0 issues. All I've heard to do is to run Netflix or something else to fill your bandwidth and cause it to go to 1080 or so to avoid the 4K video that's forced on us.


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          This is probably the fault of Microsoft. Can someone ask them to turn up the bandwidth of whatever server is hosting This video?


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            Originally posted by Maniac View Post
            This is probably the fault of Microsoft. Can someone ask them to turn up the bandwidth of whatever server is hosting This video?
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              Anywho, is there a way to officially let remedy know about issues other than the forum posts they don't seem to read? I feel like a major part of the game is the video episodes and in my opinion they are broken.