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My Xbox 360 Controller is not detected on PC

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  • My Xbox 360 Controller is not detected on PC

    Hello community, im trying to play Quantum with my Xbox 360 remote, but the game simple passes to keyboard, and dont detect the remote, the remote is working on other titles, this is the only one that isnt working

    Can somebody help me please

    Thank you

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    I don't own any console so totally a wild guess, as the game is supposed to be on Xbox One when it comes to console, may be you need an Xbox One controller? Unless on Xbox One you can play games with Xbox 360 controller. The other question is does Windows 10 actually detect the controller in device manager when you are connecting the controller to PC?


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      I already said im trying to play it on my pc, and the remote is detected on all my other games.....
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        I have both an Xbox One controller and an Xbox 360 controller (both wired), and just confirmed the 360 controller works fine in QB. I quickly realized why I play games with the One controller on my desktop PC, and put the 360 controller back in my laptop bag where it belongs.
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          Im using motionjoy, and Better DS3, i alreday tried also Xbox360_64Eng tool, nothing works, and i try all configurations possible