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Two seperate issues

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  • Two seperate issues

    First the annoying one. My game strobes like crazy. Any and all areas of the screen that are not black flash like a strobe light. Game is up to date as is the video driver. I've tried turning off/on vsync, ambient occlusion and Nvidia's Gamma correction but its still flashing. The initial splash screen is fine, but on Dev and title screens the letters flash and the Main menu the entire screen flashes.

    Second, my save is gone. My only option is new game. Ive tried restarting the game numerous times to force a sync to download the cloud save but it will not.

    Both of these issues seemed to occur with the most recent Windows 10 Insider build. The update seems to have changed something that effects how the game runs as well as maybe erasing my saves or denying the game access to their location.
    Any help is appreciated.