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Act 3 Junction (Choppy Cutscene)

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  • Act 3 Junction (Choppy Cutscene)


    In act 3 after the junction, Serene has a flashback of Beth running out of the time machine shooting at him. This cutscene on the PC version is bugged and tanks in frame rate. There is two links below as evidence. (This guy even comments on how bad the framerate is)

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    I solved this issue!

    Inside the directory "videos" there is a file called "cine_j3_300.bk2" and another called "cine_j3_300_4k.bk2". If you play both files using something like Rad Video Tools you will see that the file "cine_j3_300_4k.bk2" which is encoded in 4K resolution is extremely choppy. This has nothing to do with system performance but an error in the original files encoding it seems. I simply deleted this file so the game will use the 1920x1080 encoded file "cine_j3_300.bk2" and it runs perfectly!