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Will be given Steam Keys for Microsoft Store owners ?

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  • Will be given Steam Keys for Microsoft Store owners ?

    Hello Remedy

    I Just post that little thing for asking a much obvious question.

    I've bought QB on Windows Store but that version will not be updated anymore...well.

    But, did you plan to offer a Steam key to people who did like me ?

    Pretty important question that had to be told, IMO.

    Have a nice day,

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    Very good point.i want a steam key too in my email since i purchased the game in win store.
    I don't know remedy's policy on this but i really want they please win store customers once and for all, it would be bad for their reputation to leave the situation like this since the game is gorgeous.


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      Let me ask you guys this. Have you ever bought a game on GOG instead of Steam. Well......why don't you get a steam key from GOG as well free? Because that would be madness......

      Microsoft isn't going to shell out on Steam keys for everyone who bought the game through their store. It doesn't even have anything to do with Remedy. They make the game, they aren't the publisher. There aren't any more updates to the Windows version because their most likely wont be any updates to the Steam version. The obvious difference is that the Steam version of the game wont be a UWP application so it will run exclusive fullscreen and isn't forced to run on windows 10 and directx12. Besides that, its the same game. We don't know about any performance benefits until some benchmarks come out to prove the point.


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        I understand your point, but it would be relievant only if Remedy did not stop maintain the MS Store version, but it is not the case. Remedy choose to not maintain it

        And you said yourself "Besides that, its the SAME game" Why will I be forced to pay a game I already own a second time ?

        I'm really affraid there are "content update" on the road...only for Steam version. What's your bet ?

        All of that story is really not a good sign for the upcoming "Xbox Play Everywhere" feature, I really hope it will not be the case...


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          Remedy has already said on Twitter that they have nothing to do with giving out Steam keys. So they have washed their hands of this sad sorry mess.


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            Well...pretty much of a stab in the back.

            That's sounds like a "f**k off and buy Xbox version"

            I bought the game to permit them to have enough funds to make other great games...

            I will remerber this Remedy, I, and everyone here who bought a Store version, paid for a "beta" version you just thrown away.

            Thanks a lot


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              Remedy developed the game but Quantum Break is published and owned by Microsoft, and ultimately how the game is distributed will be down to them. If you've been having issues with the Windows Store version, but believe the Steam version will fix it, I highly recommend getting in contact through the store's support channels (or maybe XBOX support as it sounds like a couple of you may have pre-ordered on the XBOX One for the Windows 10 version) to see if anything can be done. I don't know what the answer will be but it sounds like it's a topic which means a lot to you all, and I really hope that their support centre will recognise that passion and be able to help.

              [Just for clarity, I do not work for Remedy. Please don't confuse this as an official response. I just do forum stuff in my spare time as a hobby.]
              The Sudden Stop - Remedy Fansite


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                Originally posted by BillClay View Post
                Remedy has already said on Twitter that they have nothing to do with giving out Steam keys. So they have washed their hands of this sad sorry mess.
                Remedy's comment in no way makes it seem as if they've "washed their hands" of anything.

                You are acting as if Remedy have complete control to do whatever they wish with Quantum Break, and handle it's release however they wish. This is not how things work.
                Distribution, release of additional keys... alternative copies... that all goes through the publisher. in this case, Microsoft. They are the only ones who can make any decisions about how the release will be handled.

                Remedy can express an interest to MS, but MS makes all final decisions in the end.
                Some publishers are more willing to work with their developers to offer deals to consumers, other publishers are not. Devolver Digital is a publisher that will go out of it's way to make their customers happy.
                MS... not so much.

                Also, MS are the ones who call the shots on how long support is offered on Quantum Break. Remedy could still want to continue support with additional updates, but in the end it's the publisher who decides if funding will continue for post-release support.
                In this case, it seems MS would rather wrap it up.


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                  If that's the situation and Microsoft gets to decide for a new patch on win store for QB, wy don't we address on writing on twitter perhaps to MS diectly? If someone of you knows how, he/she could sign the petition on my behaf too.
                  Maybe we did wrong from the befginning shouting on remedy and not MS instead.


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                    MS could start giving away the steam keys just to avoid any kind of tensions cause if they abandoned win10 version this means the new one will be good and of course MS won't let the people who bought the game first suffer
                    maybe they will give away the steam keys when they become closer to the release date


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             good news the updates which will be in steam version will be applied to win10 version too cheers


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                        Just speaking from experience as an older member of the gaming community, I think this entire question was just a victim of understandably poor word choice.

                        In the olden days, when one would walk into a brick and mortar store, you'd buy the software, open the box, and usually there was a keycode (NOT a Steam Key or equivalent at all because that would be like a store putting the keycode on the receipt in those memorable days of obtuse cardboard boxes). in the box to unlock the software once it was installed. I think this discussion's focus was completely lost when people focused on the words "Steam keys."

                        Steam, as all of us know, is a store, and the store's are not responsible for providing the keys. Ideally, there "should" be an included software key for Quantum Break with the original E-Mail from the time of purchase; however at this time, I'm working on that very same issue myself by parading through my past E-Mails, and to be absolutely clear, this would be a key that is "supposed to" be part of the legitimate software itself per the software publisher, not either of the stores (i.e. Steam).

                        I'm actually in the process of checking all of my old E-Mails to see if Microsoft's platform ever provided the key with the version I purchased that was also from the Windows Store because in all honesty, most of the features available through the Windows Store have not endeared me to Windows 10 at all; however there are a lot of other things I do like about Windows 10, so I'll just quit using the Windows 10 Store permanently because it's not worth the headache to maintain.

                        Even though the brick and mortar days are gone, software bought online is not all that different; although some platforms (i.e. Origin Client and Steam Games) make finding your keys easy, making the records in those platforms essentially analogous to the keys that were provided in the software boxes from the olden days *sigh* . I will make one additional post eventually and conditionally, "if" I find out I was provided a key with my purchase through the Windows Store a.k.a. the Microsoft Store (NOPE, I will NOT be posting the key, just letting people know if I found it is all).

                        My understanding of Steam, is that there is a way to add software already owned by way of using the key that comes with a given piece of software courtesy of the publishers, but vended through the Online stores to the customers usually through the E-Mail receipts (Yes, in a Brick & Mortar environment this is a bad idea, but in E-Mail, it's pretty much the opposite because ideally, the person making the purchase, will be the only one to ever see the key). People have done this with Origin Games like Mass Effect 2 for example by copying their ME 2 key to the appropriate menus within the Steam Client.

                        My understanding, in light of the fact that I've not actually used the very feature that I'm mentioning via the Steam client; although I know that it exists and have seen my other people I game with do exactly the same thing with their own games ( LAN PARTY!!!! ) ... and that being said, as long as a given title is supported by Steam, Steam will typically honor the license from having entered the legitimate software key that came with the purchase; however the "legitimate software key" is NOT a "Steam Key."

                        I hope this helps at least put some things into perspective here, and I'm hoping to do exactly the same thing everyone else here seems to want to do, and that's to use that Quantum Break that I own, with the Steam Platform by following the steps to enter the legitimate key that is "supposed to" come with the software.

                        If I don't post again within the coming week, just assume that the Windows / Microsoft Store doesn't provide one.

                        As far as Remedy itself getting involved in the mess left over by Microsoft's unfinished product, I honestly think it'd be such an overly complex situation because of all the different "cooks in the kitchen" in such a situation (i.e. Microsoft, Different Teams at Microsoft, Merchant Points of Sale, Steam, Various Steam Teams, Remedy simply as the publisher and various other Remedy representatives that would have to address all the problems with a lot of stepping on toes by all concerned)... there's unlikely any way new keys could be re-issued to every owner of Quantum Break on PC by Remedy...

                        Oh, and one more complication; The Windows Store / Microsoft Store encrypts EVERYYYYYYYYY-THING!!!.... arrrgh, and when they do, the installation and purchase of software made using the Windows Store / Microsoft Store is tied directly to the Microsoft Account used to make the purchase itself and the workstation / PC / desktop and/or laptop it was installed on, so in addition to all of those other problems, the software purchased may actually be exclusive to both the Microsoft Account used with the Windows Store / Microsoft Store on the system the purchase was made on to some degree; although, yes, of course anything bought on the Windows Store / Microsoft Store can be installed elsewhere by a person using their own account, the complexities of Microsoft's software protection strategy in relation to the Windows Store / Microsoft Store are so complex, there's really no way to go into them here.

                        As far as Steam goes, I used to not be a fan of it years ago; however Steam's come a long way, so in the future, lesson learned, avoid the Windows Store / Microsoft Store and just use Steam , GoG , the Origin Client , or even the UPlay store to make the purchase you want.

                        Also, DirectX 12 games work fine with Steam, and whether or not DirectX 12 gets used depends solely on the software's design, the OS you're using, the hardware you're using (i.e. type of computer, CPU, GPU, RAM, Sound, etc.) and has nothing to do with Steam whatsoever.

                        Again, hope all this extra info is helpful and puts this whole issue into perspective for everyone. After all, knowledge only has value when it's shared.

                        Have a great night.


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                          Just a quick update from my last post, I did find the receipt in my E-Mail from having purchased Quantum Break from the Windows Store / Microsoft Store, and unfortunately there was no key code provided with the purchase.

                          If like me, anyone got Quantum Break on sale from the Windows Store / Microsoft Store, and are willing to take a small hit to the purse or wallet, I strongly suggest finding a copy of the "Quantum Break: Timeless Collector's Edition" [ More Information Available on Quantum Break's Wiki Here: ] .

                          The "Quantum Break: Timeless Collector's Edition" comes with a key the is redeemable on Steam on Disc # 1 of the game's install DVD's and comes with the blu-rays too. All in all, you get the Steam Edition at no charge, and a physical medium too.

                          There are still a decent amount of new, unopened copies out there, and I just bought one for myself new and unopened, so for anyone else having the issue of "Ooops, shouldn't have bought it through the Windows Store / Microsoft Store" with the PC version of Quantum Break, well... get 'em while they're hot 'cause they're going fast. Two copies literally sold while I was making my purchase, so seriously, Google the the "Timeless Collector's Edition" of Quantum Break, and get it while you can.

                          Friendly Reminder; be wary of buying used and opened ones because that means the Steam Code was probably used.

                          Quantum Break is a fantastic game with a storyline that's never been done before. I'll keep playing it solely because it's something original, it's super challenging after having put it down for a while, and I'm not alone in hoping a follow up does get made in the future too.

                          P.S. I know this thread is old, and I was honestly hoping to find a different way of handling this problem on my end too, but if I found this thread after all the time it's been up, other people probably will too. I really hope all this information I posted helps people out. Quantum Break Forever!