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nothing on the east front????

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  • nothing on the east front????

    Only 2 days away from the big steam re-release and no more news?How about an update for Windows10 for the POPCOUNT removal? I won't upgrade my pc and I still want to play it on my Core2Quad.

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    The release is on the 29th of September.


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      My mistake, I realized that but I completely forgot the date. From what I see on other forums (AMD forum for ex), it seems that POPCOUNT is used everywhere, even in the latest radeon drivers which is really weird. I think everyone forgot about us, the owners of good and still fast cpus from the previous generation.
      But my question is, what makes this instruction so important that everyone wants it?

      Having now completed the campaign on all three games (Uncharted4, Rise of Tomb Raider and Quantum Break), I can truly say Thomas that Quantum Break deserve 2nd place. Uncharted4 imo is awesome on the gfx side but that's it. The problem with QB is that no many people played it, my friends are mainly ps /pc owners and this awesome title hasn't reached to gamers's homes yet. Indeed, ROTR is the king I guess, since it has everything: awesome gfx, story, gameplay, stereo 3d. By the way, will you make us a nice surprise and add also stereo3d with the next updates?
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        This trailer help?


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          Wow Maniac this is indeed awesome trailer! I'll share it with my friends. I enjoyed evey minute of QB. The actors are very good,serious acting and no fake acting like nowadays hollywood "blockbusters" are. The names are very well picked and the story is just awesome.

          I wanna be able to play on my pc with core2quad which its output is my 60" sharp 3d, not the way i played it on the summer,at the countryside on a 15.4 inch notebook. One more thing,please add native stereo 3d!
          And, maybe it is high time you guys signed a contract with a major movie company for the series to be continued, this miniseries was a great idea.


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            I'm with you, c32 I would like to see a Quantum Break tv series myself. (Sadly I'm just a moderator)
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              Originally posted by catalin32 View Post
              Wow Maniac

              I wanna be able to play on my pc with core2quad which its output is my 60" sharp 3d, not the way i played it on the summer,at the countryside on a 15.4 inch notebook..

              I don´t know if you are aware of a discussion going on in the Steam forums, but this is the response from Remedy about the Core2Quad thing:

              PC was added as a platform in the middle of Quantum Break's development, as mentioned by Phil Spencer in an interview. Due to this the system requirements are more modern than usual.

              I understand it can be frustrating when owners of 8+ years old CPUs can't test the game performance themselves. Based on QA reports such hardware doesn't produce a playable experience.

              The instruction set missing from Intel Core 2 CPUs is used in Quantum Break's renderer, and currently there are no plans of rewriting it.
              In other words, don´t hold your breath.


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                This is bad news. Can't believe this. Thanx 4 sharing. tioslash . Although i could upgrade my pc, i won't. Why? Because i've done it periodically (once a couple of years) for more that 20 years and i've had enough,i'm old and tired to replace major components because i miss hardware support for some sse insructions. Especially when my pc is still very powerful and i can play very well rise of tomb raider or the new doom.
                This is very weird and amd has it too from what i read on the forums. You need a sse4.2 popcount &stuff to be able to use their latest drivers in dx12.
                If that's the case, bad news. I don't think popcount is such important instruction for this game,why the others i mentioned don't use it?