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Possible bugs in the Steam version. Remedy please look

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  • Possible bugs in the Steam version. Remedy please look

    I am seeing these two issues with the Steam version in my PC

    1.For what ever I do I can not bind Num Pad 0/Ins key to the Jump action in the Steam version of Quantum Break. I tried the same thing and it works fine with the Windows 10 Store UWP version.
    2. In the Steam version, I have every graphics settings maxed out. However what I noticed is that if I reset the game to Ultra and manually hoike the other settings up again a fresh once I am inside the game to the same settings it was before, the game FPS goes up and stays up!

    My specs
    Windows 10 Pro Version 1607 Build 14393.222

    Core i7 5820k overclocked to 4.3 Hgz
    32 GB GSkill DDR 4
    MSI GTX 1070 Overclocked to run at 2100 Mhz
    nVidia Driver version 372.54

    Can Remedy please look these issues specially the keyboard binding one. Thanks in advance


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    I'm curious what keyboard you are using and if you're using a custom driver for it.


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      I tried with two different keyboards, one is Saitek Cybord keyboard, and the other one is a normal HP keyboard in different USB ports. Both keyboards are able to set the set any Num Pad keys to any action in the UWP Win 10 store version of Quantum Break or any other Steam game. But with the Steam version of Quantum Break, if I choose any Num pad key, it becomes a (null) in menu, so I have to choose a non-numpad key to bind my action. Here is an example screen shot showing what I mean.

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