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Mouse cursor bug !!

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  • Mouse cursor bug !!

    I have the new steam version of the game, and I`m playing with the Xbox 360 controller, but the mouse pointer (cursor) is always on the screen in the main menu, narrative objects etc,
    It is so annoying! I tried to unplug my mouse, but doesn` help.

    Are the developers aware of this issue ?

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    So how can I myself notify them about this issue ?


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      I haven't heard of that issue before, but I'll try to look around and see if anyone has been in a similar position and has found a solution.

      Originally posted by AlanWake2 View Post
      So how can I myself notify them about this issue ?

      There are a few people at Remedy who very frequently looks in on the forums so this thread is the best place. As it was Saturday evening when you posted about the issue, they may not have had the chance yet to look into the issue yet. Of course, with this kind of thing there might not be a solution yet, or it may be a weird Steam thing, but they do check the forums so they will be notified of the issue.

      I'm going to look into it a little bit but it might also be worth creating a thread on Steam if you haven't done so already, just to see if it's been doing the same thing for other people too and if they have discovered a way around it.

      (Also welcome to the forums, AlanWake2!)
      The Sudden Stop - Remedy Fansite


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        I have the same issue with the Steam version of the game. Every time I open a menu, the mouse cursor is in the middle of the screen (I'm playing with an Xbox One controller). I move the cursor to the right side, outside of the screen, expecting it to be there the next time, but it appears again in the middle the next time I access any menu or narrative object. It's not an important bug, but it's annoying.

        The other thing that bugs me it's that my screensaver jumps in while I'm watching the videos/episodes. It's not a bug, just that the game doesn't control it, but it would be great if it could be added this feature in a future patch, so I don't have to move the mouse or the controller from time to time to avoid it.

        Other than that, the game runs great in my PC (30fps lock, all on medium, 1920x1200, auto-scale off, with a 4GB nvidia 770). I didn't have any real issues. It's an awesome game, congratulations (I haven't finished it yet, I'm in the middle chapter 3 right now).


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          I just finished the game. I've loved it, congratulations, you've made an awesome game.

          In addition to the previously mentioned minor-problems, everything went great, no bugs for me. But I noticed that the Diaries (and other dialogs in game, like the radios and other stuff) are not subtitled, at least not in Castillian Spanish (I don't know if it's the same with other languages). It would be great if you could add subtitles to this sections.

          Thanks for your time.


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            One more thing, an option to download the movie-pack (like in Xbox One) for Steam would be great (other games do similar things with an optional-free DLC).

            P.S.: sorry for the triple post.


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              For anyone having this problem please post what kind of mouse and mouse driver you are using


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                I have a Razer Taipan with the latest drivers (Razer Synapse updates them when new are avaliable).