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The game crashes before gameplay on Windows 7. Steam version.

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  • The game crashes before gameplay on Windows 7. Steam version.

    Hello. I apologize in advance for my "amazing" English. I bought the game in Steam. I was able to run it, looked a setting, then press the "New Game". Start the video. But at the moment when Jack thanked the taxi driver - the game crashes "Termination of the program." I have tried all the options. I put on low graphics settings, included windowed mode, update the graphics card driver, update Microsoft Visual C ++ 2012 and 1015. The updated Net framework. Becoming codec K-lite, I tried to update IE. Uninstall and reinstall the game again. Loading all optional Windows updates. I tried to update DirectX. Start the game from the folder as an administrator. All useless.
    Steam, if you check the integrity of the game files, constantly loads in addition 9 files. But they do not help.
    I read that this error occurs in people who do not have suitable processors for this game. But i have Intel Core i7 3820. It should work.
    I went to the event log and look there a error which gives the game -
    Name the failed application: QuantumBreak.exe, Version:, time stamp: 0x577286de
    Name the failed module: rl_x64_f.dll, Version:, time stamp 0x57728557
    Exception code: 0xc0000005
    Offset error: 0x00000000000ed1e3
    The ID of the failed process: 0x1c34
    Start time of the failed application: 0x01d21d4954dd7e7a
    The path of the failed application: D: \ Games \ SteamLibrary \ steamapps \ common \ QuantumBreak \ dx11 \ QuantumBreak.exe
    The path of the failed module: D: \ Games \ SteamLibrary \ steamapps \ common \ QuantumBreak \ dx11 \ rl_x64_f.dll.
    What is the rl_x64_f.dll module? Why it does not work? How to fix the game crash?
    I really want to play. But to change the system on Windows 10 I'm not going.

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    Hi Mechanical_Cat. I'm sorry to hear you're having difficulties launching the game. Could you provide a dxdiag report? You can produce it by searching dxdiag in Windows menu search and clicking "Save All Information..." You can send the report to me on these forums or to


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      Lauri, thank you. I sent a letter


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        I want to complement own theme. Today one friend gave me his file save of game. I launched the game and press "Continue". And the game has earned! I saw the gameplay. I run, shoot, increased graphics settings. However, it's the middle of the game, and I need to start playing from the beginning. I went into the menu by pressing the replay first part of the first act, and after the video game crashes again. I tried to beat the second part. And after the video game crashes too. In general, it turns out that the game crashes at me in a moment of transition from video to the gameplay. If I just load the gameplay, everything works fine.


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          I think it would be more reasonable, if I attach a file here, too. Suddenly, someone else will be able to help.
          (I wanted to directly attach a file, but the site is not given, so I attach a link on OneDrive)


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            Hmmm completely wil guess, what about disabling antivirus, killing off all unnecessary apps from the task manager and trying if that works ?


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              GameBunny77, no, it does not work