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[Bug] Minimizing game causes CPU VRM to pulse.

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  • [Bug] Minimizing game causes CPU VRM to pulse.

    I've just noticed that when minimizing the game the motherboards CPU VRMs pulse to full-load full-phase. You can audibly hear the coil whine (which in itself is no issue just annoying) but the fact that the game is causing them to pulse to full-load very quickly is worrying.
    Checking the voltage probe points on my board (ASUS Rampage V Extreme) indicates a voltage drop every pulse which indicates very high load. I can only assume Windows or the game is parking and unparking the cores rapidly. Disabling Core Parking in Windows does stop the coil whine and the VRM voltage spikes but as a general side-affect the overall system heat is a higher due to all cores been active.

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    Is your CPU overclocked? Anyone else noticing this?


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      Yes it is, but before you suspect that is the cause ive set everything back to stock and it still occurs. It could just be my hardware configuration as theres always a potential of bugs showing due to the shear amount of Hardware components available. But i still suspect its due to Core Parking as the coil whine doesn't occur with it disabled.


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        Past the edit stage but i'll keep it in the same thread.
        Another issue that's occurring is the live-action episodes. Remedy didn't take into account that the majority of people cant stream full HD episodes. (Im from Australia, most 3rd world Countries have better internet than we do) I mean it spends more time buffering the stream than actually playing the video.. I get about 30sec of buffering for 5 seconds of video, im pretty much going to miss a chunk of the game if i cant watch these shots.

        Do you know if M$ are going to allow a DLC like the Xbox version or are they like Consuela from Family Guy? Or at least give the ability to either buffer a large portion of the stream or be able to select a quality (240, 480, 720, 1080)
        Its a real killer for me and ruins the game.