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Bug i notice, when first patch ?

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  • Bug i notice, when first patch ?

    I play just around 4 h so far and this is what i finde:
    • Choppy in some pre rendered cutscene, i don't know why but some cutscene are heavy tearing. Counter shows 30FPS but video not play smoothly When game change to cutscene in game engine everything is ok again.
    • Annoying "cursor mouse bug" his everywhere, in menu, collectibles screen, why if i use gamepad ? Should't he disappear after i touch some button in gamepad or even dont show up at all ?
    • "Push Enter" on title screen, where on my gamepad is enter ?
    • Crush when first episode of show should be play, help instal IE11 ? That is weird.
    • Hard crush happen to me once (Act II when JJ looks on dry docks after elevator on beginning). Help only restart computer so i don't have any log.
    My spce: Windows 7, steam version, x360 gamepad, 1080p, medium settings, sccalings on, half adaptive v-sync form control panel. PC: I5 4590, 8 gb rams, gtx 660.

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    Try adjusting the v-sync settings in your driver, that might be causing the cutscene stuttering issues.


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      Combination of in game 30 lock and half adaptive vsync from control panel give me fluid and almost perfect 30FPS, camera moves perfectly and gameplay is responds appropriately (you know, like for 30 fps gamepad game in console style). If i start use only control panel solution or in game lock i get frame pacing issue like in Solus game on my PS4, its not fun at all. If that is the case and change something in v-sync will help for pre rendered cutscene but ruin fluidity in game it self its not worth it.

      But i will tr., I do not think, however, that will helped.
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