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Anyone noticed change of final cutscene in Quantum break

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  • Anyone noticed change of final cutscene in Quantum break

    The dialogue between Jack and Paul has been completely changed from the original quantum break and the one with latest update.

    Not sure why Remedy Entertainment would make such a change in a game update? thoughts?

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    Hey sharathsteel! Welcome to the forums!

    Huh, that's sounds pretty weird! Did you replay the final junction point and choose the other path than you had picked before? The dialogue and final scene varies a lot depending on the choice you made in that moment, for example how Serene behaves is completely different.

    I haven't checked out the ending since the recent update but I think it just focused on optimisation rather than a script change. The smaller update before that did effect the final scene, but I believe that it just replaced a section of the cinematic with a very slight change.

    (EDIT: Also, just moving the thread to the Quantum Break section! From the sounds of it I'm guessing that you're playing it on Steam as you refer to a recent update?)
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      We haven't changed anything. As Jaden says, I think you've just made a different Junction choice -- that determines the tone of that final confrontation between Jack and Serene. Spoiler:
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        My bad. Sorry for the confusion. I had chosen a different junction (left) thats how the content varied. I had verified on youtube before posting here looks like many youtubers have chosen right junction


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          Don't worry about it, it's cool! At least it was resolved. I did the exact same thing after I played the game as well where I went back to see the ending again (this time through YouTube), and was confused about the differences as the YouTuber chose a different path. I still have some moments like that every now and then when people are talking about characters in a very different way than how I met them. I think in all of my original choices, Serene was fairly relaxed and friendly, you could tell he was tense but he had it more together. That's a very different character than what a lot of players had.
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