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Quantum break.exe has stopped working

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  • Quantum break.exe has stopped working

    (Steam version)

    Keep getting this crash to desktop when the first cutscene ends
    My drivers are up to date, installed & re-installed Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 & verified the cache.

    Win 8.1
    16GB ram
    GTX 780 ti 3GB
    i7 4770k
    512gb SSD

    If anyone has experienced this issue or knows of some possible fixes please let me know below.

    Seems to be only crashing just as the first cutscene ends when he hands the taxi driver some cash & says "thanks for the ride", even when skipping the scene the game automatically crashes.
    Disabled anti virus and tried running the game in windowed mode & as admin with no change.
    Rolled back & done clean installs of several drivers including the latest & 362.00, 368.39 among a few others.
    Tried re-installing a bunch of times tonight with absolutely no change.

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    Your hardware certainly looks capable of playing the game. Have you recently ran a hardware test to make sure everything is in top working shape?


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      I have and my system is working perfectly fine & everything is updated. My temps are great and no problems on my end. Double and triple checked that everything is updated as well.

      Been playing other more demanding games than this with absolutely no problems. It has to be a problem with the game itself as there are many people in the steam forums who cannot play due to crashing randomly or at the same point as myself.

      Considering the amount of people complaining about crashed, it's safe to assume it's the game and not my hardware, especially since i look after my system.


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        I am with the exact same problem. I am in the same point as Pickle, have done everything as i can to uptade my drivers and still with this stupid error. I dont know about you, Remedy, but can you answer us about: Windows 7 is REALLY up to run this game? or i really need to update it to 8.1 or 10? because i can't find any fix to this issue ( with the GAME and not with my machine).
        I have the requirement to run this game on my PC, i have so much to get into recomendation stats, maded by you Remedy. Please, come back with a answer to this issue. I'ts my 1º game bought with your name, and im not even happy by this complication.