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[SPOILERS] it finally works on NON-POPCOUNT supported cpus

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  • [SPOILERS] it finally works on NON-POPCOUNT supported cpus

    (All below my personal opinion, nothing else
    but sadly, not thanks to you Remedy. You should be ashame of yourself! You proved you are against PC gaming community and it took alot of time and effort for others to finally find a SOLUTION for us, the Core2Quads owners. Shame on you Remedy and don't you dare erase my post, I'll sue your ass.

    First, thanks to a guy from youtube and intel, I can't post the name and link here but search for "How To Fix Quantum Break Pc Game CPU does not support all 100% workin Any Cpu", he/she was the smart ass here together with the intel smartass people. We've tried to apply Intel's SDE tool (download SDE on you google) in the past but unfortunately, we couldn't find a way to apply it properly. Now it works thanks to that guy from youtube.The steps below, are very easy in fact:
    1) find a way to gain access to your Win10 Quantum Break install folder (see it on youtube, it's hard but not that hard, I managed after a while)
    2) download intel sde (google and put "sde download" in search; you should download Intel Software Development Emulator ver.7.49.0 from july 7 2016 latest version (donwload should point you in the end to sde-external-7.49.0-2016-07-07)
    3) unzip or unrar everything from sde tool rar or zip file into the Quantum Break folder (overwrite if necessary)
    4) create a bat there (open notepad and save it on the game's folder with ".bat" extension instead of default ".txt" extension
    5) put the below lines in your bat file

    cd ("your path that means change here and put your path"):\Quantum Break

    sde -- QuantumBreakLauncher.exe,

    and save your notepad's file as a .bat file in the same folder where Quantum Break is.

    6) create a desktop shortcut of your .bat file and voila, you have it. Run the shortcut on the desktop or directly, the .bat file (name of the file is not important) and that's it.

    PS: game should be updated with all updates in order to avoid excessive stuttering or other glitches. I ran it on medium on 1080p, for a better run check the below, on Radeon R9, don't know if an nvidia gpu runs it in the same conditions.
    - all on medium setting
    - film grain off
    - upscaling on
    - Anti-Alising off
    - ssao on
    - lock to 30fps off
    - vsync on (can't play with tearing although I own a freesync monitor)
    - exclusive fullscreen
    - 1920X1080 (you can play also with below res like 1600X900 just fine)
    The overall preset changed to "custom" (obviously after we set the above). Happy QB gaming!

    Remedy, you said earlier that below min. specs cpu won't run the game. Well, you are wrong! I'm running it, on software cpu mode emulated with sde and it works just fine. Yes, I run it with around 17-20 fps/s medium, sometimes lower, sometimes higher, BUT THE GAME IS PLAYABLE on my pc great. It plays enough good, it's playable, I've just finished it, and yes, I enjoyed every minute of it. Now I know more, I know the story better since I finished it 2nd time.Overall, I get around 15-20 fps and some stutterings on my core2quad q9550 at 3,4 ghz, 8gb ddr2, r9 290 and a 7200rpm wd.

    Questions still remain (spoilers ahead pay attentions folks):
    a) what happened to Paul?he became a shifter or not?did he return from the dead after the Joyce brothers activated the countermeasure?
    b) what happened to the world? indeed, the guys saved it?the countermeasure worked?It wasn't shown much except the pool area which is not enough. Well, the interview later Jack took means the world was saved?
    c) why Martin Hatch is alive and running Monarch?From what I see in the game, the security guy (very important but I don't remember his name right now) shot him in the head so I presumed Martin was dead.
    d) what happens to Beth?Amy?Will Jack return it to the past and save her?

    Great story guys and really great game, it's a shame you don't want people enjoy it. And yes, QB 2 is a MUST, it's more important imho than an Alan Wake sequel which is a MUST too.

    You Remedy do bring alot of joy in our hearts but unfortunately, you bring alot of darkness to pc community aswell. You skipped Saint Nicholas and you skipped Santa too. You should be ashame of yourselves, alot of creative people and on top of it, poor management in my opinion. Just like in Monarch's HQ, you follow the same rules.
    This game on the other hand is wonderful, it's better than Uncharted 4 definatelly (because of the weak story imho of the latter) and I guess it's better than Rise of the tomb raider's too. People should play it!

    Remedy, when do you release QB 2?Tell us don't keep us in waiting, definatelly it's coming. Hope you won't do the same stupid mistakes again and this time, try to release it on all platforms right (PC, Xbone and PS4).
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    Just made a quick edit to your post but nothing to the content. For clarity: I added a spoiler tag around your questions as you talk about a PC solution that you discovered and then go on to ask about events at the end of the game. I just wanted to make sure that people who are encountering similar problems, and who come here to read your solution, don't accidentally skip down too far and see plot twists. But I was careful only to add the tag and keep the rest the same.
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      you did very good. sorry , I should have added spoilers in the title. Overall, QB is a splendid game, I guess I will play it again. Think about it guys, I play it with framerate from 11-20 fps maybe better sometimes but it is still playable and I enjoy it now on my big 60" Sharp Aquos led. I just love it. I think I'll play it again. The tv episodes are wonderful, this is the way to go, others should follow. What I enjoyed is that the actors are serious, not faking like the usual nowadays actors from hollywood. And I love Martin Hatch (I mean people who seen Fringe series.. you know what I'm talking about).
      Bottom line, it works very well on non-popcount cpus.A bit crippled but still enjoyable, I didn't feel low fps in an unplayable way. And maybe you guys have ssds instead of classic hard drives like myself, maybe the fps go up a bit.


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        That’'s not a problem, it’'s pretty easy to fix! I just wanted to mention that I had made that change as I know that you were concerned about content changes. Remedy isn't that kind of company and this isn’'t that kind of forum anyway, so I don't believe that anything was going to happen anyway. (Naturally the exception being if the post was abusive or going far too far, but those posts are very intentionally written.) I haven’'t seen that happening so much on these forums though. There’'s a record of everything that'’s deleted and usually the threads that get deleted are spam.

        The gameplay section might be the best place for story-related questions as the people who tend to visit that section have also played the game all the way through, so there’'s more support there. But just so it’'s easier, I can answer the four you have here in spoiler tags.


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          (major spoilers ahead, pay attention)
          man, what a story. we can agree this is beyond any hollywood movie script, it's way better.tx4the answers Jaden. Everyone I guess who played the game, became automatically addicted, just as we got addicted with Alan Wake's story. Again, I repet, Remedy has such a great potential....this is way beyond any logical sense nowadays when everything is crap (my opinion also). The guys who write the scripts are so good. Congratulations. Everyone did their part also, graphics and the way gameplay's something...

          Damn, I've also thought Paul is a Shifter but I wish I was wrong. Paul is a very pleasant character and becoming a Shifter is bad, Paul was bad but was a believer in a sense. What he saw together with Beth, changed them both and changed them bad. But hey, again, what did they saw? The saw the End of Time definatelly, but how did it look?It was so scary?We never get the chance to see what they saw. Paul had a purpose, and he believed it was the right decision.Why didn't he want to change things?Maybe because it can't be changed, time can't be changed.

          And Lance, he is so bad character in this story. He plays so good but Martin is so bad. I thought he was killed but yes, beeing a shifter makes sense. But, if he is a Shifter, how can exist in the real time so nice and glow?Shifters show up only in a zero state environment, but Martin was "alive" after Jack's interview. Hmmm, very interesting.

          I'm glad Amy is ok. I really hope Jack doesn't forget about her, she was so nice character. I personally would have chosen both to sleep with before entering in the time machine. Beth is great also. But so is Sofia Amaral. I guess Sofia was a no go since she was in love with Paul I think. Damn. This game should also have some romantic moments, even sexual content a bit.

          Maybe in the sequel, the IT guy Charlie is saved also. I really felt bad for him. He realized the truth in the end so he deserves to be rescued. After all, he was a hero and hey, Liam Burke didn't shoot him, it was Martin. bad bad guy. Liam was also a hero.

          Again, what a story. I have so many games pending but I guess I'll play QB again even if I play it on 15-20 fps, I enjoy it so much. I guess this game should have been awarded the game of the year because of the original gameplay , grafx (urban arhitecture) and story. What a story!


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            I looked over your notes and I just wanted to make a few comments to anyone who might be looking into doing this on their systems. From the looks of it I think you're getting what appears to be the upper end of possible game performance using this method and others may end up with even worse framerates regardless of their resolution and graphic settings. You're losing CPU performance in the emulation process and the fact you have a great GPU and your CPU is clocked as high as it is seems to be compensating.

            However, I think this procedure looks okay to me as long as anyone attempting it themselves are made clear that they DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK as I can't imagine this will work equally well for everyone who attempts it as it did for you, particularly people with older GPUs.


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              you're right Maniac, it depends of the systems. From my point of view, I get a playable game on my core2quad cpu. Well, semi-playable sometimes but most of the time, playable. It's frustrating somehow that I don't have a medium rate of 20 fps all the time, but it's ok. I could play it, I finished it, I enjoy every minute of it. And, to tell you the truth, playing on my 60" tv is way better than playing on a 15" laptop, even if I get way lower fps. I could have reached better fps by lowering the resolution but I didn't want to play it on less than 1080p because of the annoying motion blur. You guys way overracted with motion blur. I agree it's good to have it enabled, but make it low, reduce it, it's way too much, sometimes I want to admire the scenery on the move and I simply can't because of the annoying motion blur. When I play on pc, I always turn it off but this time, I couldn't do it since it's not in the gfx options menu.


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                update in 2019: emulation solution not needed anymore because of github users (tx guys) who provided a definitive solution for us, the non-popcount cpu owners. just search the net for "alternative way: remove POPCNT check from rl_x64_f.dll"
                hex edit of this file works like a charm. i play wonderfully having very good fps (unlike emu solution) on two core2quad setups i own:
                core2quad q9550 2.83 ghz, p5q pro turbo, 8gb ddr2 dual ch, gtx 1650 4gb no power connector (i have replaced my r9 290 due to its its high power req),ssd
                core2extreme qx6700 2.66ghz, p5n-e sli, 6gb ddr2 dual ch, gtx750ti 2gb,ssd

                you Remedy could have provided us such simple solution long ago because i think you knew it could be done so simple but you chose not to help us. i hope Control doesn't have this issue anymore ( i dont want to go over again with this issue)
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