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Can't watch live-action stream

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  • Can't watch live-action stream

    Got the game on Steam couple of days ago. Got to first live-action episode. Unfortunately it cannot stream. Just connects for a moment to and and ends up with this screen.

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    Someone earlier mentioned the scenes would not play if your pc did not have internet explorer installed. Have you deleted it?


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      I'm getting this error too on Windows 10 with the Windows Store version. Has Remedy or Microsoft discontinued the streaming service? Can anyone with the Steam version confirm episode streaming is still working?


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        hi hi,

        this is a problem that several people have been having - unfortunately it's out of our hands
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          Streaming is working for me, I just tried. Unfortunately that is what happens when the Video files for offline playing them are available only for XBOX players and not us PC players who legally payed for the game. It's insane isn't it ? I hope Remedy/Microsoft officially fix the problem, or make the video files available for off-line downloading for PC players too.


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            Haha! Called it! Way back in April 2016, when I said "That's a terrible idea (on-the-fly streaming of in-game videos). What happens when the service goes down and gamers want to play the game they paid for?" And here we are 3 years later, although honestly I figured it would have happened a lot sooner than this.

            However, maybe it's something Remedy can (or will?) fix. One can only hope. Although I hated the game, so it's not a terrible loss for me.


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              Same here. Started the game today (Windows Store Edition) and i cannot watch any live-action with the same error message about cannot contact streaming servers. Is the problem under resolution or who legitimate bought the game on PC has lost half of the game?


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                I just purchased this myself, and thought -- cool idea. I don't know why I never came across it till now. So I got it for Windows 10 - and yup - can't stream anything, so now the biggest and coolest part for me ( I wanted the story ) isn't even possible.

                Either give Windows 10 a way to download the offline videos like XBoxOne has...

                Or have the game removed from the MSFT store ( or at least update the Game Posting - to include Episode not available for PC ).

                I can't get a refund because of the way I purchased this, so I'm really kinda pissed off at this ...