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Surround Sound 5.1 in Steam Version on Win10

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  • Surround Sound 5.1 in Steam Version on Win10


    I installed this game on Windows 10 x64 Pro while no surround sound driver was activated (only stero formats available).
    After i realised the game runs in Stereo only, i digged deeper and activated DTS Interactive and Dolby Digital Live 5.1 for the chipset and set those formats as default.

    I checked with other Steam games and Surround Sound 5.1 is working. But i cannot get it workin with Quantum Break.

    1. There is no surround option in Audio Settings in the game
    2. There are no Audio Cfgs in xml files
    3. I deleted Audio device assignemt in the registry and made sure, it took the "Realtek Digital Output(Optical)" audio device after restarting the game (registry key written correctly).

    A searched the web but i found hints for xbox surround problems only.

    As the XBOX Version uses 5.1 or even 7.1 i assume this for the pc steam version as well.

    Please help me to get the sound 5.1 via optical output workin.

    Kind Regards,


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    Some surround sound cards have difficulty outputting 5.1 and 7.1 audio through their digital output. Back in the day I used 5.1 speakers entirely through analog for that reason. Have you got a seperate surround decoder you're plugging the digital output into?


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      I checked with other Steam games and Surround Sound 5.1 is working. But i cannot get it workin with Quantum Break.
      It is no problem of my soundcard or my windows or my hardware setup. Quantum Break does not recognize theDTS Interactive or Dolby Digital Live 5.1 Feature, but other games do.

      So it is a YES for the surround support on Win10 Steam version ? Where should i tweak to force the game to use 5.1 sound ?


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        If the pc version works like the Xbox one version then it outputs surround audio in an uncompressed pcm format. If my memory of physics is still good I know an optical cable lacks the sufficient bandwidth to send an uncompressed signal in surround and will default to stereo sound, even if you're using a seperate decoder. The only cable with sufficient bandwidth for that kind of signal is HDMI.


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          I am sorry, but please read my posts:
          I checked with other Steam games and Surround Sound 5.1 is working. But i cannot get it workin with Quantum Break.
          Yes DD and DTS works with optical wire: 2 channel PCM Stereo lossless and uncompressed or 5.1. or 7.1 compressed (like DD or DTS 5.1).
          Rise of the Tomraider works with surround w/o any flaws from the beginning with this setup - Quantum Break doesn`t.

          A Game has to generate the 5.1 or 7.2 setup depending on the settingfs in the windows environment.
          The realtek onboard soundcard or a creative sound card calculates the compressed DTS or DD signals.

          Quantum Break has a problem with finding the correct format. I assume the game looks for the Speaker setup in windows and not into the audio format for the default audio device. I guess i need to change the Speaker setup from two to 5.1 but i have no option for this in my driver - i can only choose my audio format for my audio device.

          Pls forward the question to a developer.

          Kind regards,



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            What is the receiver you are using?


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              I am using a YAMAHA Z9 Receiver on a 5.1 surround system with a 250W sub powerd by a dsp from mydsp...

              BUT as i said: the sound format isnt the problem - i have other games working correctly....


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                Lets try it in another way: who runs a setup successfully with 5.1. or 7.1 and what kinda souindcard / realtek Driver / windows speaker setting are you using ?


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                  Hiya SPo! I asked our audio team and they came back with this, hopefully it's helpful:

                  "Both 5.1 and 7.1 should work on PC. The way the audio works is it detects your systems default audio setup and then sets the appropriate output. If you are using optical you need to ensure that the sound card can encode/decode DTS or Dolby Digital, and they are the default output. If you don’t have Dolby Digital or DTS enabled when using an optical connection then the game will play back in Stereo only, which is what I’m guessing is happening in your case.

                  The opening cinematic of Quantum Break is 5.1 with the dialogue in the center channel, so this is a good test to hear if the system is performing as it should."


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                    Hi Lauri,

                    thank your for begging your audio team.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	PlaybackDevices.png
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Name:	properties.png
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                    I am sure, that i tested this setup above, but i`ll give it a try again and listen especially to the opening cinematic dialogue. Since TombRaider is running well with 5.1 via DTS Interactive i wonder, where the Problem is....

                    Thx for support.