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File IO Xbox One/ Freezing cutscene

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  • File IO Xbox One/ Freezing cutscene

    Hello. After the first live action episode I've been receiving a File IO error (Xbox One) and now everytime I try and start act 1 of part 2 the cutscenes freezes. Skipping causes an infinite loading screen. Please help?

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    I've reinstalled restarted the game it always does the same thing please help.


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      Call Xbox support immediatly. This is either a bug or you guys may have broken systems


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        Don't listen to Maniac he's trolling.

        I have the same exact issue I'm not sure what the fix for it is. It's a game breaking bug unfortunately. There is no way to continue passed that point. Xbox support won't help you(I tried). We are waiting for info from Remedy to find out how we can keep playing this game we paid for...

        Let us know if you find a fix brother


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          I'm not trolling. I'm genuinely concerned for your systems. I've lived through two red rings, a ps4 that failed in less than a week of ownership, and countless pcs which all broke suddenly for absolutely no reason whatsoever.