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BUG - It's possible to exit Act 3, Part 1 without picking up the chronon harness

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  • BUG - It's possible to exit Act 3, Part 1 without picking up the chronon harness

    Just a heads up, that in Act 3, Part 1 it's possible to exit the office prematurely and transition into Act 1, Part 2 without having picked up the chronon harness from Dr Amaral's office.

    I'm not sure exactly what steps need to be taken to do so, but I've done it at least twice. On the second occasion I had walked to the door that triggers the level change to have Jack say that he couldn't leave, walked back around the corner and triggered the voice over discussion about the heavier combat harness, then walked back to the door to find that it could now be opened.

    It doesn't appear to be a game-breaking bug, as Jack will still tell Beth that he acquired the item during their radio conversation in the parking garage section, and he still gives her the harness when he finds her at the party.

    It *was* a little annoying when it happened the first time though, because I hadn't searched the upstairs offices for collectables yet, but Time Vision was highlighting an item in the next area through the wall, so I assumed it was safe to walk through the door... and ended up having to play through the entire level again from the start.

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    That's one thing that really annoyed me about QB. No warning when moving from one area to another that stops you from going back. Sometimes they triggered the next section by moving over a spot on the floor like you experienced. When trying to locate routes to the highlighted items you try different ways... and then find yourself having to restart just to reach them. In the end I just played through the game and ignored the collectibles... then at the end I restarted each level I didn't complete and played through on easy while looking for the items. Bad design imho.