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  • Bug Final Boss

    Yes, i now that this is no bug. But the final bossfight seems like one. It is completely unfair. After more than 50 attemps I’ve given up – like many of my friends and guys in gaming forums all around the world. Even on the normal difficulty setting it's a crapshoot. I am very disappointed. And I will never forget these annoying moments when think back to the game in the future - even though it is a great game in general. This will always stick to the game. It’s a shame! Please patch this!

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    I uninstalled the game to stop me trying to beat that last mission on Hard. Can't see red so can't see any warning you see. That and the bug where the beatdown time rush thing doesn't work (ie you run at a Striker and instead of the B appearing you just run right up to the guy and nothing happens).

    I mean, why is it you work up to getting all these powers and right at the end they don't FREAKIN WORK. I throw a time bomb and it gets nullified by the Jugganaut... I try to beat down a striker and it doesn't even let me try. Hell, sometimes even multiple shotgun rounds at point blank range just does squat and they run off. And then to top it off you can be out of sight, in a corridor that cannot be seen by Serene and suddenly you die for no apparent reason because explosions go through solid walls in this game.

    Nope... that last level could have done without the Serene Super Annoying Bomb Thing. It ruins the whole flow of the game. Up until that part the game is really fun (even with the bugs). The last level just craps all over the fun factor.

    Edit: Oh and I forgot the wonderful light bombs going off all over the place, blinding you to everything on the screen. Either that of a snowstorm blew in fast... The light bloom in this game is almost as bad as Syndicate was.
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      Oh and the real reason I uninstalled... I nearly threw my £120 Elite controller plus chatpad at the wall in frustration after nearly completing it and the last bomb got me on the far side of the room because I had been injured before the blast wave hit. To say I was peed off was an understatement.


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        I managed to complete it on hard... Tried it again (after re-install) and the snowstorm bug happened again and yet again I managed to complete it because it removed the red and replaced it with white. 100% now... and all due to a bug that let me see what everyone else sees (everyone who doesn't have colour blindness that is).


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          Guys i cant either