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  • Save data not working

    Saved data is showing it's there but not loading. I've done everything you could possibly do, but yet it still doesn't work. This has happened twice to me now. All I get is the New Game option. I refuse to start over again. For such an amazing game, this is a dumb problem to have. I will not be purchasing any other games y'all make in the future if you can't fix this problem.
    A Pissed Off Gamer

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    As you can see a lot of people on this board are having a similar issue. It would be useful if you provided information with them so everyone can compare notes on how your issue is being caused and how to avoid it. Instead you chose not to provide us any useful information like, at what point was your save last working? What kind of storage are you using? How did you quit your game? Are you also playing on PC? Are you playing on a Live connected profile?
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      First time it happened I restarted the game on hard after I beat it. By restart I mean visited the timeline, selected hard on Act 1 Part 1 mission, was working fine. Then the game froze and crashed as soon as I entered the elevator with Paul Serene. Loaded the game back up, wasn't loading or anything. I decided to just hit new game and started it over on hard. I was at Act 5 Part 1 when I decided to give it a break for a few hours. I always wait for the saving symbol, then I quit to main menu. Then use the big guide button, press the 'start' button on the controller, then quit game. I have the game on an External hard drive USB 3.0. I do not play on the PC. Yes, I'm always connected to live when I play. And I have downloaded the optional offline episodes content. Which is also on the external harddrive. I'm upset because I have already invested 25hours worth of time into the game. To have to keep restarting and hoping it doesn't keep messing up is ridiculous.

      Side note - The achievement for completing Act 3 never popped either.
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        You're the second person today to mention that your save corruption followed a game crash. What kind of external drive are you using and how old is it?

        Update: Don't worry right now about the achievement popping up. Xbox One achievements require server side verification for a reason that completely escapes logic. In heavy use situations Sometimes it takes as many as four days for achievements to be awarded. Trust me I know.
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          Seagate external harddrive USB 3.0 and it's 3 months old.

          Edit: it's 2TB
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            Same shit here, very strange for such a big Company, and no solution, we are waiting for the game for 2 years and now this ?????
            Help Sam help !!!