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Crash and then Save File Issue

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  • Crash and then Save File Issue

    So, similar to many of the people on this board, I've had my save-file deleted. Naturally, not a fun experience. Really makes the "waste of time" aspect of entertainment stand out.

    Anyways, vitriol aside, here's the rundown in case anyone at Quantum Break is looking to fix this issue.

    I was on Act 4, Part 2. Was reading the emails/documents over to the right about the lifeboat protocol. The camera panned/zoomed in as it often does when I was reading the email, then as I finished reading and clicked b, the camera panned/zoomed out and the game froze and made a loud buzzing noise (only through speakers, not the Xbox One). I was pretty sure that the game saved after reading an email so I just let the game try and sort itself out for around 30 seconds, at which point it quit itself back to the homescreen (maybe the Xbox OS killed it). Clicking back into the game a save-file sync error came up, and lo-and-behold, no continue button on the main menu.

    So, there's the rundown, hope it helps any developers looking into the issue.

    If anyone on the forums have found a way to recover a savefile, I'd love to hear it. If not, oh well.

    To Remedy, I know the most likely outcome, if this issue is even addressed, is a simple bugfix that resolves the issue moving forward. But, since a loss-of-progress bug in such a story-driven game really hurts, I know I'd appreciate it if a web service was offered that allowed affected players to select which Junction decisions they made up to the Act/Part they were on, and then it would generate a cloud save of the game up to that point. I wouldn't even mind if it just set the collectibles to 0%, I was collecting all of them because they were great and fun to read, but at this point I'd really just like to play out the rest of the story without having to spend another 10 hours (again, Entertainment being a waste of time has never seemed so clear).

    Thank you

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    The same happened to me on Act 5 Part 1


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      Originally posted by Wardo955 View Post
      The same happened to me on Act 5 Part 1
      It's inexcusable no matter when it happens, but it especially sucks when it happens so late in the game. Really souring my perception of what was otherwise a fantastic experience.
      Did it happen after a freeze for you, or did the continue button just disappear when you booted up the game?


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        Are you two Xbox one preview testers and what kind of storage medium are you playing the games from? (Internal Xbox HD, USB3 external drive?). Were you running any apps in the background?


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          I am not an Xbox One preview tester. I'm using the internal 1TB Xbox HD. I had no apps running in the background. The Xbox was connected to Live (I assume, achievements and everything had been popping leading up to the issue). The Xbox One is plugged in using the standard power-brick that it ships with. The Xbox One is setup in it's "Always On" mode where it really just sleeps when you press the power button. I've got pretty much your average setup from what I understand.