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Last stage checkpoints (minor spoilers)

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  • Last stage checkpoints (minor spoilers)

    A lot of people are complaining about the final stage boss fight. I agree with them because I went through the entirety of the game on the hard difficulty and felt as though I had an appropriate level of challenge but when I got to the last stage I just got murdered over and over. I had to drop the level down to easy to finish the game (I couldn't even beat it on normal). That being said, I don't expect the fight itself to be changed. But could I ask to have a few more checkpoints during the fight? I can occasionally get through the first wave of enemies but have never managed to beat the second. I think the first checkpoint at the start of the fight should be after the cutscene. Then there should be one after the first wave of enemies but before the Serene's large bomb attack. Finally two checkpoints before and after the second wave of enemies just like above. If you do this then at least if we die we can make progress if we get to the next checkpoint that and not have to start over and over again. I think my suggestion would really blunt the difficulty spike of the last fight and improve this game with minimal effort on your part.

    Other than this final boss fight, I had a wonderful time with Quantum Break and I hope Remedy Games makes the sequel the ending implies because I would love play another game with these characters and in this world.

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    yes i agree. that last battle really left me with a sour taste about the game.


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      I agree! I also had to put the difficulty down to easy after about 2 hours of frustration. By that point I just wanted the game to be over with and tbh didn't care about the experience anymore. I really wish Remedy would chime in on this. Considering that the other 98% of the game on hard is not nearly as difficult, you come into the end of the game with expectations about how difficult it may be due to being trained over the rest of the game how hard it is. To then throw you into this what seems to be impossible boss fight with no checkpoints and forcing you to watch that cutscene over and over again (I know you can skip it, it's the principle) is just bad design IMO. I don't 1000G many games but I was excited to do that with QB. I'll likely never get those last two achievements now though so that has even stopped me from going back to do the other choices in the junction points for achievements.


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        I'll give you all the whole need to skip the cutscene everytime, but honestly I didn't think it was as much frustratingly hard as people here claimed to be. A few things need to be taken in consideration:

        1. You don't need to keep moving for the entirely of the red light's visibility to avoid Serene's Time Blast. Keep an ear out for a very distinct, explosive like sound, that's your cue that the blast has landed and you can stop running like hell.
        2. Abuse Time Rush + Takedown on your enemies. That's a guaranteed kill on everyone but the heavily armored guy with mobile chronon dampener on the second wave.
        3. Don't try to fight the second wave as soon as it shows up, go to the opposite side of the room and let them spread out before attacking them.
        4. When Paul teleports to the center and begins casting Time Bombs the camera will shift to the direction the blast is coming from, move to the opposite direction as far away as possible.

        I think that's about it for tips on this fight. I took a while to defeat Serene, but nothing out of the ordinary for a fight on Hard mode.
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          Also make use of the time you have before the cutscene starts. There are good weapons all over the scene and you should make use of them