hi,i'm a gamer from china,the first game i played in my life was max payne,and i really love it !
now i have a problem about download the episode pack,the first time when the pack is nearly finish,the progress bar stop at 90 precent,and it stuck there for about 4 days!so i have to cancel it and download again,and this time it‘s stop at 46 percent.
than i try to watch the episode by steaming,but it dosen't work,than i quit the game and try to open it again,i can't even get in the game,i have to delete my save data in order to get in the game menu...
now i'm already start downloading the episode pack the third time,and have to play the game from the begining.so it's just me?I already heard a lot of people in china have the same problem.will you be able to solve this problem? I really don't want to keep playing quantum break until i finish downloading the episode pack.