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Act 2/Part 2 chronons

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  • Act 2/Part 2 chronons

    Stuck on 95% discovered in collectables for this level and it seems I'm missing the 1st chronon, watch numerous videos and it wont show up ( the one under the stairs right at the beginning). I'm pretty sure I got it on the 1st time I played the level and have since played through it 3 times on different difficulty's. and still no chronon.

    Is this a known bug? as its stopping me from getting the chievs "media baron" and "maximum effort".

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    Can confirm that the update fixed my issue.


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      Same thing happened to me with chronon in Act 4 Part 1 just before the yellow ladder up to the bridge. Collected it once, didn't get credit, and now it doesn't show up. Replayed the level multiple times with guides, and I do remember picking up each of the chronon locations the first time. Can't get 100% completion as a result. Glad the update fixed yours. Hope mine is as well at some point.