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Give us option to mute music, SFX and dialogue

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  • Give us option to mute music, SFX and dialogue

    Could you alter the sound mixer in a future update to allow us to completely mute the 3 audio sources in the game? Currently you can only lower the volume from 10 to 1, which is kind of dumb.

    I would like to make videos using other music in the background while retaining SFX and dialogue but this is impossible at the moment.

    (First game I've ever encountered that allows you to lower the volume of each source but not mute it) 0o

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    If your video editing software doesn't allow you to override the audio of a video file and fully replace it with the audio from another are probably using one of the worst designed editors in the history of mankind...or the Xbox one's internal video editor software.

    Which is it?

    FYI I have talked to Microsoft about adding a volume slider in their Xbox one video editor. I'm sure it'll be coming eventually.