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No credit for chronon source - can't get 100% anymore

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  • No credit for chronon source - can't get 100% anymore

    On Act 4 Part 1 one of the chronon sources I picked up didn't register - I didn't get completion credit for it, I show one source missing on that level, and I didn't get a chronon upgrade point. I didn't notice when it first happened, the game auto-saved, and now I appear stuck with this. I've been back to every chronon source location on that level (followed multiple guides to double check) and time vision does not reveal a chronon source, nor is any chronon source visible for me to harvest. Time vision also never blinks like there's anything to see. It effectively acts like I've already gathered it - except that I got no credit for it. I've replayed the level multiple times. Any suggestions? I'm not about to start a whole new game and hope the same thing doesn't happen again. Concerned that even if Remedy fixes bugs like these so they don't happen again, it seems unlikely they'll also add code to repair people's save games if that's required.