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Bug with the achivement "Media Baron" [SOLVED]

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  • Bug with the achivement "Media Baron" [SOLVED]


    i have completed the game at 100%, but this achivement remains blocked. The progress bar is at 1%

    How can I do to unlock it?

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    As I've said with all achievement unlocking issues, this is solely the fault of Microsoft. The Xbox One requires online access and server side verification for all Xbox One achievements, and because Xbox Live can get busy from just regular use, occasionally it'll put achievement verifications into a queue. I'm afraid you'll have to wait for it to unlock when it feels like unlocking.


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      Huh! I didn't know that, Maniac. I remember when I played Alan Wake, there's a super challenging achievement for one of the DLCs where you have to make it through the entire level without dying or reloading a checkpoint. I think it was called "No Punctuation" and it was for 50G. It's pretty challenging goal and I've only ever managed to do it the once. For some reason my console just locked up at the end just before the credits. I kept it going for about another 15 minutes in the hope that it would resume and award the achievement but in the end I just gave up. When I started up the console again it wasn't there. I started up the game and went downstairs to get some tea (the most British response), and for some reason in the middle of a level I just had the notification flash up.

      I was so relieved by the achievement I didn't want to question it.

      Hopefully if it's a similar situation, it won't be too long before your account registers it, Attilx. And congratulations for getting 100%!
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        Thanks but i suppose it's a bug.
        I have posted here and i have opened a ticket with Microsoft but without solution.
        Many people have the same problem and I think it's not corrected that have not solved the problem.

        I have payed a game and I believe that everything must work at 100%


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          Thanks Remedy for the support...


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            Are you playing the Steam version or Xbox One version ?


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              This has been fixed and the problem was bot with the game. How could it, since this achievement worked up to early October when some server side update caused problems, which we are told have been fixed.


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                If it makes anyone feel any better I just found out an achievement I unlocked in Halo: Master Chief Collection that I thought had glitched, actually entire four months after I had earned it.


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                  I fixed the problem uninstalling the 75 gb dlc


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                    Again, the media baron achievement is blocked, when collecting the last of the collectibles the percentage of advance returns to 1%.
                    This is really annoying, I already finished the game in 2 opportunities and the achievement does not jump.
                    Many people have the same problem