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Freezing/Stuttering on Xbox One X

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  • Freezing/Stuttering on Xbox One X

    Game was on sale on Xbox Store and I always wanted to play it so I bought it yesterday, along with my One X. Downloaded the full game and necessary X Enhanced patch and have experienced stuttering and freezing issues from the get go. It randomly crashing for the first time just now is what lead me to seeking out these forums. I expect some glitches with these enhanced updates, but I can't even enjoy the game at this point.

    I could blame it on my new One X but GoW 3, 4 and Halo 5 all work perfectly with their X patches.

    Please fix these issues soon Remedy! It could be such a great game!

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    Currently Microsoft is working on the Xbox One X patches for Quantum Break. Please post this comment in the official Xbox One X support forum.