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Slight framerate stuttering/lag during in-game cutscenes on Xbox One S

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  • Slight framerate stuttering/lag during in-game cutscenes on Xbox One S

    Hi guys, I am new to this forum and looking for some guidance for a small issue I have noticed with Quantum Break. Before I describe the issue, I'll lay out some quick details. I am playing on an Xbox One S using a Samsung KS8000 tv, which is set to Gaming Mode. The game, which I purchased digitally, is installed on a WD MyPassport 4TB USB 3.0 external HDD. In the Xbox One S options, the display is set to 4K UHD, 10-bit color depth, and Standard color space.

    I started playing Quantum Break on November 4, 2017. In the initial in-game cutscene to Act 1, I noticed some slight framerate stuttering/lag. The framerate stutters/lag last about a second, and certain places it seemed to happen more than others. Some places I noticed it could happen were when the tanker crashed into the bridge, the countermeasure flying in the air, the camera panned away from the Monarch Solutions Tower, and as the camera panned over the University. But honestly, after testing that cutscene a lot of times, I've seen the game stutter in a lot of different parts of it... although it's not always in the same place. Maybe about 2-3 stutters usually happen in that intro cutscene?

    After playing for about 15 hours of playing the game, I've noticed almost all of the in-game cutscenes have experienced some slight framerate stuttering/lag. I wish I could say if stutter or lag are even really the right terms, but I'm technically not sure. This seems like a small thing to complain about as most of the time, the in-game cutscenes are as smooth as butter. But the fin-game cutscene ramerate does stutter/lag in certain places from time to time where it is definitely noticeable. The gameplay part of the game is smooth as butter.

    I have searched Youtube for Xbox One specifically gameplay videos that should the in-game cutscenes, yet known of the videos (if they are actually being played on Xbox One) seem to show what I am experiencing in my game. Interestingly enough, the Xbox One X patch for the game was released around November 2, 2017... which was a couple of days before I started playing. Could it be that the non-X version of the game received a patch of some sort that introduced this weird in-game cutscene anomaly?

    I have tried adjusting all kinds of settings, such as setting the Xbox One display to 720p or 1080p (instead of 4K UHD), and going from 10-bit color depth to 8-bit color depth. These changes didn't seem to do anything. I also went to the extremes and uninstalled Quantum Break from my external HDD and re downloaded it to the internal 1TB HDD. That did not change anything. I also tried clearing the system cache by powering off the Xbox One S and unplugging the power cord from the back of the unit for over 5 minutes. That also doesn't seem to have changed anything.

    So, I am kind of at a loss here. I'm hoping maybe somewhere here can provide some insight as to what I am experiencing. I have put countless hours into other games, such as Gears 4, Halo 4, The Division, Wolfenstein New Order, and Wolfenstein Old Blood, and have not seen anything similar in these game. This is certainly not a game breaking issue. The game plays fine, the in-game cutscenes are usually perfect, and the live-action segments are perfect. But the 2-3 stutters that can happen during an in-game cutscene can be noticeable, so it be nice to know if there is anything sure-fire solution to resolving the issue.

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    Hi Krakhauer! Thanks for joining our community.

    Almost all cinematics in Quantum Break are videos. This was a last minute solution as we tried to minimize loading times. The game loads the next game area as you're watching the cinematic.

    Any game updates/tweaks for Xbox One models S and X have been done by Microsoft. I'm not sure if the 4K texture update - amongst other high-end tweaks - made for the X are also partially running on S.

    All cinematic videos were captured 1080p and 2160p at 30 fps. It might be that the 4K videos are playing also on Xbox One S (they were originally meant for the PC versoin), but the hardware struggles with streaming the video file from your external harddrive and loading the next level at the same time. I'm under the impression that the S console also upscales everything to 4K, so that might also add its own lag to cinematic playback.


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      Thanks for the reply.

      I did try setting the display setting in the Xbox One S to 720p (ugh) and 1080p, as opposed to 4K UHD (which I assume would stop the S from upscaling the game?)... but that didn't appear to change anything about the videos. As for the game struggling to streak from the external HDD and load the game at the same time, I was under the impression playing games installed on the external HDD was actually MORE efficient for the system, that playing games installed on the internal HDD. I did try reinstalling on the internal HDD, but that didn't seem to change anything.... which would lead me to believe the external HDD is not at fault here.

      Like I mentioned, the game is certainly plays fine and the videos for the most part are fine. I still remember in the video in Act 4 when Paul confronts Beth and Jack, with him ultimately killing Beth. Some parts of that video definitely struggled, and the stutter/frame rate drop was noticeable. Ultimately, it doesn't ruin the game, but those 2-3 instances that may happen in any one video kind of break up the experience ever so slightly.

      I find it strange that the game updates/tweaks are done by Microsoft, and that no one at Remedy would be aware of how they affected the game? Honestly, it almost seems that like whatever Microsoft did with the November patch may have affected the S (and maybe non S models of Xbox One). Is there any way Remedy can attempt to run that information down or test the game on a S to see what the issue may be? I'm sure because the game released in April 2016 that Remedy has moved on to it's next project, but nevertheless it would be nice if some more concrete information/answer could be provided.



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        I checked the Act 4 Paul/Beth/Jack cinematic video and the file itself contains the stutters. As mentioned, the decision to move from live cinematics to video ones was a last minute call, and if there were performance hiccups in the scenes originally, they transferred over to the videos as well. This means that it's not game code related issue, or at least an issue that could be fixed just by updating the game code. We just have to live with the stutters - but at least they fit the game's theme of stutters in time.

        Quantum Break had devs on both Remedy and Microsoft side. Eventually it's the publishers decision whether to update or not after releasing the game, and they can handle the updates completely on their own if they want to. As the game was originally released on PC supporting 4K resolutions, I believe the update for Xbox One X was pretty straightforward.


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          Thanks Lauri. One thing I don't understand is what you said here, "if there were performance hiccups in the scenes originally, they transferred over to the videos as well. This means that it's not game code related issue, or at least an issue that could be fixed just by updating the game code. We just have to live with the stutters."

          I have watched numerous youtube videos of people playing the Xbox One version of the game when it released in early 2016. The first in-game cutscene, which I described before, does not contain any stutters/slowdown/lag in those youtube videos. It seems very strange that a major game update (supposedly just for the Xbox One X version of the game) was released before November 4, which is the date of when I first played the game on my Xbox One S... and that when I play the game on my XB1S, I'm not getting the exact same performance that is already documented in those 2016 youtube videos.

          It's strange. Is there any way to confirm if in fact the non-Xbox One X versions received an update in 2017 (specifically 2017)? That would most likely explain the slight performance difference compared to videos of the game being play on non-Xbox One X consoles in 2016.



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            Hi Lauri, I've been experiencing these same issues on my Xbox One X and it's not just with the in-game cutscenes but it's also happening with the live action show as well (have episode pack downloaded).