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Bug with the achivement "Media Baron"

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  • Bug with the achivement "Media Baron"

    Again the same problem with achievement.
    Several report the event.

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    I would wait a few days and see if it unlocks on its own.

    As with all Xbox One games, achievements require server side verification and when Xbox Live is under heavy load, the achievements will not unlock automatically. I have no idea why Microsoft decided to do this and I honestly believe it was a mistake.


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      I'm also having the exact same problem with this achievement. All others, both prior and subsequent unlocked without issue so I would reason the problem is specifically with this achievement and not with server load. Also from the above linked community site, you can see no one at all has unlocked this achievement for 3 weeks. I submitted a problem to Microsoft, how do we also do the same to Remedy?


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        Edit: sorry I have a cold and I have been needing to make edits. Xbox One achievement issues are soly the issue of Microsoft and only they can fix them. I did some reading and it looks like Microsoft caused this issue a few months ago, fixed it after remedy told them to, and now it looks like they broke it again.

        If you need to report this issue please do the following:

        If you’re a member of the Xbox One Preview testers you can submit it as a bug report by holding down the Xbox guide button on your controller (the submit bug option is typically next to the turn off console or controller options in a smaller dialog box). If you’re not a preview member (and trust me from experience if you’re not one don’t become one) you can submit the issue on Microsoft’s Xbox forums or call their troubleshooting line. The troubleshooter won’t be able to issue you a fix but they can submit bugs to the development team.


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          I too and many others are having this exact same issue. As much as I know this isn't Remedy's job. I'd appreciate if they rattle the cage so to speak and get microsoft to investigate this issue. Its been 2 weeks since anyone seems to have obtained this achievement.


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            Same problem. According to, NO ONE has unlocked this achievement since Dec. 11, 2017.

            I wrote a thread at Please upvote and add your comments!

            Also, CALL XBOX to speak with Technical Support about this issue. I've done this, but the more calls the better: 1-800-469-9269.


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              Originally posted by 4-assed monkey View Post
              I wrote a thread at Please upvote and add your comments!
              Oh man. Thanks for creating the thread 4-assed monkey, hopefully it will be picked up by Microsoft and fixed. I've upvoted it too. Remedy originally got news that it patched months ago and, for a while, made it was redeemable again buuuut it looks like something changed on the publisher side again. The console version of Quantum Break got a 4K patch back in November as it became an Enhanced title, and Microsoft wanted to make it ready for the launch of the XBOX One X. I haven't checked the game since December, but I wouldn't be entirely surprised if there was a post-console update as well just to smooth out a few issues and it reverted the achievement issue they fixed before.
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