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Latest update XBOX One X makes things wors FRAME RATE/Screen Tearing

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  • Latest update XBOX One X makes things wors FRAME RATE/Screen Tearing

    After the latest update on the XBOX One X the game is really bad.
    Screen tearing all over the place, before this update the flickering wasn't nice but screen tearing is really bad to look at.
    Please revert because now the game is no showcase at all.
    It's a shame to play the game this way.

    It's a shame because it's a nice game with a really great story.

    PLEASE revert back to the old update and resolve this!

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    Hi, we're trying to resolve this. It would be really helpful if you could give us the timeframe when this happens in the game for you, and your gamertag and/or device ID, that would help us investigate and solve this problem quickly.

    Also some game footage would be an enormous help! Thank you so much for reporting the issue!

    Please send any info to!


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      There is no beginning or end in this.
      It's all the time when the game is played.
      I allready fully played the game.
      The problem is at every point in the I can't imagine no one saw this when the game was tested with the new patch.
      At the start of the game where you need to run from Monarch with William and look at Bright white parts of the screen it's tearing.
      All the in between cutscenes (not the loading scenes) there is tearing.

      Like I said its allover the place.
      Most often you see it when you look at very bright places then it stutters and tearing.