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  • Laptop Help Needed

    I'm looking to sell my laptop in favor of a smaller, lighter Ultrabook. My question is, will I be taking a noticeable hit in performance with the trade off or will it be minimall? I'm using it for the typical stuff (browsing, music, video streaming) but also would like to do some light gaming and I use a few Adobe photo/video programs (basic stuff). All of this I was able to do fine on the current laptop.

    With the processor I would be going from an AMD A10-4600m Quadcore to an Intel Core i5 4210Y Dual-Core. When I bought the laptop in late 2012 the general consensus was that the performance of the AMD A10 was just above a mobile i3 but less powerful than an i5. I got a comparison of the 2 processors here but not sure how reliable it is and how to really tell the difference: CPU Breakdowns

    GPU- I will be going from the Radeon HD 7660G to the Intel HD 4200. Both are integrated but the Radeon was the best one on the market at the time ("It's easily the fastest integrated graphics core out there."), and was said to be better than Intel HD 4000.

    Both devices have SSDs (I added one to the laptop) and the RAM I would just upgrade, so not worried about that. I know I have all this info in front of me but having second opinions and insight would help my decision. Thanks!

    Additonal Info: [Current Laptop Specs]--- [Desired Ultrabook]--- [Current GPU Info]--- [Intel HD 4200 Info]
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    Re: Laptop Help Needed

    The only thing I can think of when it comes to integrated GPUs is that there have been more Alan Wake problems with Intel than ATI. Dunno whether this is a software (drivers or the game, probably both at the same time) or a hardware issue.

    In my experience the GPU (in addition to RAM) has usually been the performance bottleneck, so I wouldn't worry about the processor so much, but on the other hand I really don't have a clue about modern PC architechture


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      Re: Laptop Help Needed


      I would suggest Intel CPUs normally as they have higher build quality, much lower temperatures, lower power consumption and more technology built in. But in this case the i5 only really has two main advantages:

      AVX2 instructions
      50-60% more energy efficient than the AMD.

      The AMD on the other hand can handle more processes / heavy multi threaded tasks better due to have more cores, This would be useful for Some adobe programs such as After Effects or some Photoshop processes. This does also come with its own instruction answer to AVX2 - FMA4, but is not supported by much as its an AMD only technology, so not practically useful.

      So its really down to the drawbacks of:
      AMD - Lacks some instructions, Requires significantly more power.
      Intel - Doesn't have as many CPU cores, Has lower operating frequency, Does not support some instructions, much smaller cache.

      But as you say you only do light gaming with browsing / streaming. I would say upgrading would not take any noticeable impact, also you would have better power efficiency and lower temperatures (normally ~ better life range). But if you do high impact things with programs like After effects, It may take a small hit.



      Finding comparisons apart from just GPU stats has been hard for this, But going from what I have seen they are relatively the same. The HD performs better in some stuff, the AMD does in the other. Stats wise, the HD4200 supports DX11.1 where as the 7660g does not, The HD has a higher clock and shader speed, HD also supports a "QuickSync" (No idea what that is) and lastly the HD is newer by half a year.

      So all I can say here is, They are practically the same so no big impact here.
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        Re: Laptop Help Needed

        Thanks for the input guys, I really appreciate it.

        Originally posted by Kennyist View Post
        "QuickSync" (No idea what that is) and lastly the HD is newer by half a year.
        I remember reading about this when I was initially researching laptops and I think it has to do with rendering video and it gave Intel's an advantage over AMD with render times. So that wouldn't hurt when I use Premiere.

        The lower power use/heat would be a welcome benefit too as my laptop runs pretty hot sometimes.

        Originally posted by Kennyist View Post
        But if you do high impact things with programs like After effects, It may take a small hit.
        Thankfully I have a powerful desktop to take care of the heavy lifting, I would just like to be able to look at photos/footage if I'm out shooting and do some tests and small projects if anything. Thanks again!