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  • Paper Twin Peaks

    Howdy Folks,

    Thought I'd share a project I have been working on that I'm super excited about. I'm creating a series that creates movie trailers/movie scenes out of nothing but paper. Construction paper to be exact. I'm launching this exclusively on Youtube and the first video goes live on Monday, 9.22.14.

    Now, why is this relevant to the remedy forums? Well, because my first video I'm launching is Paper Twin Peaks. I'm recreating/animating the intro to Twin Peaks. I thought I would share some screen shots with you all. Would love your feedback too.


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    Re: Paper Twin Peaks

    That's really sweet! And it sounds like a really interesting project too. I look forward to seeing the final piece.

    Best of luck with the video, OpusFuller!
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      Re: Paper Twin Peaks

      It's embarrassing but I did it. I finally completed the Paper Twin Peaks intro video. Getting some nice buzz online too! Took forever but I got it done. I hope everyone enjoys it! Would love to hear your feedback too.