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The Remedy 20th Anniversary Guestbook!

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  • The Remedy 20th Anniversary Guestbook!

    2015 marks the 20th of Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind Max Payne and Alan Wake. Currently, Remedy is developing a new blockbuster franchise exclusively for Xbox One called “Quantum Break”. It is said to be their best game yet. Also, not that long ago Matias Myllyrinne (CEO of Remedy) announced he’ll be leaving the company shortly.

    In order to celebrate these events, I’ve setup a guestbook page where everybody is allowed to share something in the comments for the developers to read. Would you like to thank Remedy for creating your favorite games? Perhaps wish Myllyrinne good luck when he soon embarks on a new adventure? Or rather, to show off your fan art? Whatever crumbles your cookie, all is allowed.

    All comments written on this page will eventually be bundled in an awesome e-book and send to Remedy.

    Click here to visit the Guestbook and write!
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