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Crystal Pepsi Is Back

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  • Crystal Pepsi Is Back

    The last time I ever had a Crystal Pepsi was in the summer of either 1992 or 1993. It had one of the best advertisements in Pepsi's history (featuring Van Halen's "Right Now").

    Today, I finally got to have one again. Anyone else try them? (Before or recently)

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    Is that the clear Pepsi? I never had the opportunity to try it because it was out for such a short amount of time but I basically dreamt of that Pepsi at primary school. You were allowed bottled water during lessons, even though most teachers weren't that okay with that. And when I told my parents my amazing idea for having Pepsi with the appearance of water, my mind was blown when they told me that was a real thing. I've heard mixed reviews about it but I'm interested in trying it out... also suspicious... also interested! And suspicious....

    I think it's out in America for the next few weeks? So I'm not too sure if it will reach the UK. Auction sites are definitely taking advantage of that exclusivity/timed thing though. o_O
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      That must be one hell of a chemical cocktail.......

      Hope it'll be available in Germany too, really want to taste it
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        It is indeed a clear Pepsi sir.